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The Weave is an expansive ocean of grassland where the living, moving grass stalks can grow up to a mile high. The inhabitants - both dream creatures and magi - have adapted and flourished. The grass stalks are actually animate, and the citizens coax them into roads, huts, bridges, or anything else the inhabitants may need.


Physically, the Weave lies in the center of the moonlands.

At the base of the weave are the bulbs of the giant grass stalks. The ground itself is a soft soil, rich in nutrients. The base of the weave is always shaded by the great stalks, but enough sunlight filters through that a traveler can see without assistance in the day.

Cities and Sites

Cities in the Weave are built from the living grass stalks themselves. Buildings are woven together from the stalks, retaining a permanent shape. Weaver architecture is quite

Qui Yeteh

Qui Yeteh is the capital city of the Weave, and home to a great many magi. It gained its prominence over the last few hundred years, as some of the more renowned Weavers settled there.

Vash Durwhee

Vash Durwhee is the former capital of the Weave. Its magi are somewhat reclusive, and


Loom is a small village near the border with Naroom

The Spirals

Site near the border with Naroom where

Black Pit of the Weave

There is a rumor of a black pit somewhere at the bottom of the Weave that will lead to the Core.




A bush native to the Weave. It produces tasty berries about the size of cherries. The berries have a fairly hard skin


A type of plant which grows in the Weave. Its roots are edible.


Gia gently soothing Purebark salve into Iyori's scraped knee


A bush that grows in the Weave. The Tuk bush grows on some of the chunks of earth suspended within the Weave on the great grass stalks. The tuk bush produces berries that are quite tasty. Furthermore, the berries absorb some of the Weave's pacifistic empathy, and creatures eating Tuk berries will ..

The name "berry" may be a bit of a misnomer. Tuk Berries are large, close in size (and color) to tangerines. They grow singly, rather than in clusters.


Encounter Table

Common (1-6) Uncommon (7-9) Rare (0)

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