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Kybar's Teeth is a vast granite mountain range thrusting high into the sky of the Moonlands. Towering jagged peaks and dizzying cliffs dusted with ice and snow provide incredible panoramic vistas. The dizzying heights, jagged peaks, and harsh conditions are daunting to visitors. But to the Kybarites, it is a harsh home with a rugged beauty all its own.


Kybar's Teeth is an imposing mountain range rising from the D'Resh badlands, and running all the way to the ocean. The mountains are largely temperate, with snow and ice at the most extreme altitudes. Alpine valleys and hidden caves

Near the western border with D'Resh, the granite mountains mix with sandstone badlands. The granite peaks are largely static, and include caves and passages to the Underneath. Near the southern extent of Kybar's teeth, where it borders Cald, more volcanic rocks begin to appear.

Almost all of Kybar's Teeth is considered either Low Pass, Low Peak or High Pass (see the DMG, pg. 90). The highest peaks are considered High Peak, though these are few. The temperature is generally temperate or cool, but only the tallest peaks are snow-covered. Kybarites enjoy the brisk weather, but wear furs to keep the chilly winds off.

In addition to traditional stones that compose the mountains, some peaks - particularly the highest ones - have magical stone which creates lift, repelling gravity, when in a magical field. When Kybar created the mountain range, he used this enchanted mineral to help create the elevated peaks. The higher peaks have more of this magical lift-stone, producing the higher altitudes.


The most common hazard in Kybar's Teeth is tumbling down a mountain. Cliffs are frequent, but Kybarites (or their creatures) usually prevent outsiders from falling off. Of course, Kybarites are known for their rough humor, so they might let an outsider dangle for a bit.

Avalanches do occur, but infrequently. Kybarites generally watch out for unsafe areas, and will deliberately cause rockslides to prevent accidents. OF course, a Kybarite might decide to use the unstable ground as an impromptu duelling site in the process. Other hazards are those typical of mountain environments.

Cities and Sites

Yark's Eyrie

The capital of Kybar's Teeth, Yark's Eyrie is a floating castle tethered by immense chains to six nearby mountaintops. Intricate carvings on the surrounding mountains attest to the Kybarites' creativity. The chains actually keep the Eyrie from floating away, rather than falling to the ground.

Long ago, Yark's Eyrie started to break away from its original mountain peak, as it sat on a large deposit of Kybar's magical lifting minerals.When Kybarites built Yark's Eyrie, they didn't realize they had built it over a large deposit of Kybar's magical lifting mineral. As the magi crafted and enhanced their home, the magical field intensified the lift, and eventually the entire town began to lift from its mountain peak. Only a combined action by the Kybarites, Arderians, and Calders prevented the city from drifting off the face of the Moonlands.


The inhabitants of the largest mountain range of the Moonlands have adapted to their harsh environment. They enjoy the rugged beauty and breathtaking vistas of their land. The Kybarites have carved caves, buildings, and monuments in the stone of their land. While they are not as clever as most Moonlands races, their tenacity and creativity has tamed their land, and marked it as their own.

The Kybarites respect strength above all. Physical contests are a common pastime, and they enjoy climbing races, rock throwing contests, or wrestling. They indulge in physical humor - hurling each other off cliffs or rolling boulders at one another. Kybarites can gain status by challenging their own dream creatures in physical confrontations.

Even leadership and disputes are settled by contests of strength or physical challenges. The current leader of Kybar's Teeth, Targ'n, is considered the physically strongest magi in the Moonlands. However, this is not technically true - Targ'n used his rare intelligence to help him achieve victory over T'Lok. Targ'n has earned the respect of the other leaders of the regions. With his rare combination of Kybarite tenacity and intellect, he has surprised the other leaders with his thoughtfulness.

Kybarites also value creativity, particularly when it comes to relics and stonework. The villages throughout the region are decorated with stone carvings. Kybarite artificers diligently craft numerous relics from the stone and other resources. While they may not look as pretty as relics from other regions, they are quite functional. That suits the Kybarites fine.


The flora of Kybar's Teeth is a typical mixture. It includes alpine meadows of grasses blanketing much of lower altitudes. A few small forests of deciduous trees dot the slopes. Some of these are dense enough for some Naroom creatures to feel at home, though the trees are far from the immense size of those in Naroom. Nearer the peaks, a few lonely pines spring up on the colder peaks.


The creatures of Kybar's Teeth are larger than average, like the Kybarites themselves. Many Kybarite creatures resemble rocky humanoids or animate earth. Most of them are very resilient, and share the Kybarites' attitude toward strength.

Encounter Table

Common (1-6) Uncommon (7-9) Rare (0)

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