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This sprawling webwork of tunnels, natural caverns, and secret passageways spreads all throughout the subterranean world. From narrow caverns filled with glittering, delicate crystals to huge open galleries illuminated by forests of glowing fungus, the Underneath is a secret world known to few.

The Underneath is an enormous region consisting of massive caves, winding caverns, tunnel networks, secret passages and underground lakes. Huge caverns are eerily illuminated by forests of glowing fungus, and beautiful crystalline growths can be found in narrow, hidden caverns. The Underneath is a place of hidden beauties.

The vast caverns and tunnels hold secrets and wonders that the citizens of the Underneath are drawn to. In particular, the crystals and mushrooms growing throughout the land are of vital importance to the Magi, who see them as additional sources of energy. The constant darkness and moisture make this the ideal environment for a large variety of fungi, and the dream creatures of this region frequently are made of fungus as well.

The strength of the stone gives the Underneath dwellers a stability and durability unmatched by other regions. Because they must work stone to craft new homes and items, hard work has become a credo of the citizens of the Underneath. Perseverance, dependability, and dedication are as important to Underneath dwellers as the art of defense.

The largest cave in the Underneath contains a vast underground ocean. The citizens have built cities and towns along its shores, including the capital city of Ombor.

Entrances to the Underneath are known in Cald, D'Resh, the Weave, Naroom, and Kybar's Teeth; there are suspected entrances in Bograth. There is also an aquatic entrance - the mouth of the great ocean which holds Ombor. There, even ships can enter the Underneath.

Some mushrooms in The Underground are actually usable as homes to its inhabitants, other fungi also serve as their furniture and daily appliances.



The Fungells (a contraction of "fungus jungles") are areas where the fungi is allowed to grow rampant. They grow near the city of Ombor (and possibly other Underneath towns), to give the Underneath Dream Creatures a place to feel at home, as well as serve as sort of a natural park for the residents of Ombor.

Mushroom Farms

Most of the food for the Underlings is provided by the mushroom farms. Here, Underfarmers cultivate and harvest different varieties of mushrooms, which have a wide range of tastes and textures. Some of the mushroom farms also keep dream creatures which help with the harvest, while others create brews or ointments from the fungi.

Cities and Sites


Ombor is the capital city of the Underneath. It was named for one of the first magi of the Underneath, the son of Korros (who founded the Underneath). Vast structures have been shaped into the stone, and fungus is cultivated around the city. The city is on the shore of an underground ocean, and is built around the gigantic stalactites and stalagmites of the cave.




A type of mushroom with

now the underday was getting dim as the glowcaps began closing their luminescent umbrellas


A common type of fungus that grows both in the darkness of the Underneath, and aboveground. Glowpuffs have a shell

the canyon was alive with the lazy glitter of floating glowpuffs

glow-puffs. She grabbed a double handful, cracked the shells lightly, then flung them at the sound of the noise. Wherever they hit, they puffed a small cloud of glowing mites, outlining the terrain as well as Ogar in a soft, sparkling light


Encounter Table

Common (1-6) Uncommon (7-9) Rare (0)

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