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The Moonlands is the home of the world of Magi-Nation. As the name suggests, the world is on a moon of the planet El, which was the homeworld of the Eliwan. Physically, the moon of the Moonlands is about the size of our own moon, but it is fully viable, and the magi have lived there for thousands of years.

The surface of the main continent of the moonlands is divided into seven regions. The Weave occupies the central area, with Naroom to the north. D'Resh lies to the west of the Weave, while Paradwyn lies to its east. Just to the south of the Weave, Kybar's Teeth rises up. To the south of Paradwyn, and east of Kybar's Teeth lies Bograth, extending out on a peninsula. Finally, Cald lies to the south of Kybar's Teeth.

Below the surface is the Underneath. The main cities of the Underneath, and the largest caves, lie under Kybar's Teeth, but tunnels extend all the way to Naroom. Not even the Underlings know the full extent of the tunnels.

Nar lies on its own smaller continent, separated from Naroom by ocean. Orothe technically is the largest region, with all of the moon's ocean, but Orotheans primarily dwell in the sea to the east of Paradwyn and Bograth. Arderial floats over the rest, slowly drifting in a circular path.

The Regions

Arderial Bograth Cald Core
D'Resh Kybar's Teeth Nar Naroom
Orothe Paradwyn Underneath The Weave

The Moonlands is separated into various regions. Each of the regions has its own culture, ecosystem, and magic. The regions were founded long ago by magi, who established their realm's character and culture. The regions themselves are small. It is possible to travel across most regions in a matter of days, and travel among the regions is common.

In general, the Moonlands is an idyllic world, where life in each of the regions is comfortable. The Moonlanders live in harmony with their world.

The Moonlands have minor seasonal variations - not as great as our own world, but enough to encourage a seasonal cycle in the local flora and fauna. The weather is varied as well - the wind currents drift west-to-east across Naroom, the Weave and Paradwyn, and east-to-west across Bograth, Kybar's Teeth, and D'Resh. Tropical storms (which are not nearly as powerful as those on our own world) typically land around Paradwyn and Bograth.

The world of the moonlands has relatively little metal content. Some small precious metal deposits exist, but next to no iron or similar metals. Because of this, the moon does not have a magnetic field, and compasses do not work here.

Each of the regions of the moonlands is relatively small. Even the most populous region, Naroom, has a few thousand inhabitants. Travellers can cross most regions in a matter of days, barring terrain obstacles.


El is the planet that the Moonlands orbits. It is also the original homeworld of the Eliwan, though the current Moonlanders consider the moon itself their home. Most of the knowledge of El has faded into history and legend, and there are many Moonlanders who do not even know the term Eliwan. Moonlanders remember they came from El, but consider the Moon itself their home.

The moon orbits around El in a period of about 30 days. Like our own moon, it generally is eclipsed by El about once a year. Of course, on the moon, a lunar eclipse blocks the normal daylight, so the Moonlanders are used to this occurence.

The Dream Barrier

The Dream Barrier was formed to prevent the Invaders who conquered El from invading the Moon. It also has the effect of preventing any Moonlanders from leaving, but most of the Moonlanders wouldn't care to leave anyway. Almost all of them are unaware of the Dream Barrier. It is a totally transparent magical barrier above the atmosphere of the Moon.

The Dream Barrier blocks almost any form of magical transport into or out of the Moonlands. There are exceptions (most notably Tony Jones), but these are rare. The Dream Barrier will mend itself if pierced. However, it also will provide a warning to the Moonlands by becoming translucent for a few hours. This has the effect of turning the sky of the Moonlands to a purple color from its normal sky blue. Unfortunately, the current Moonlanders are not aware of the cause of this effect, so the warning system does little good.


The main continent of the Moonlands has two major rivers, and numerous smaller tributaries.

Other Sites

The Crossroads

Rayje's Island

There is a small island a great distance off the shore. From the topmost point of this island, one can barely see the glimmering sheen of the d'Reshi seashore. The island is cloaked behind a spell of mirage, an illusion that makes it look just like the water that stretches all around it. This illusion keeps Rayje, the sole inhabitant of the island, safe from inquisitive visitors, but because the illusion affects everything but the inside of his small fortress, it also means that he has to navigate the exterior of the island by touch and memory.

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