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Like many people nowadays, I enjoy Collectable Card Games (CCGs) in addition to Role-Playing Games (RPGs). I have dabbled in several different games, and I have interest in others. Others I am simply collecting.

This is a web page designed to be a resource for all CCGs. Rather than focus on single games, this is a page devoted to information that is useful across multiple games. I will also be publishing some crossover game suggestions for some of the games I am more familiar with.

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Capsule Reviews

The following CCGs are some of my personal favorites. This is Blackdaggr's Top Ten (not in order):

Doomtown: A novel mechanic for combat resolution (poker hands!), and some other interesting game mechanics. The setting is part of Pinnacle's Deadlands, and has generated a lot of interest in the Weird West. If you're not ready to strap on a six-shooter and fill some varmints full o' lead by the time you've finished a game, you're not getting into the proper spirit!

Guardians: Simple and Fun, with great artwork. The cards are humorous, and the game is easy to learn. Both a strategic and tactical element to the game, but it seems to suffer from the common problem that once one player gets ahead, he generally keeps his lead.

Legend of the Five Rings: This game set the standard for including a contnuing story within a CCG, and players actually influence future card sets. The game can be daunting to new players though, and multiplayer games take a while. It has a lot of variety in strategies available to deck-building. Of course, the recent decision to change the card backs, coupled with WotC's trying to sell it, have cracked the solid foundation of support this game has enjoyed.

Magi-Nation: One of my favorite CCGs, along with Rage. This game is very easy to play, but has a lot of intricacies that keep you playing for hours (or weeks). The game resembled Magic the Gathering only superficially; its a better game overall. Personally, I think its what Magic should have evolved into. An elegant rules system complements the beautiful, anime-like art. Definitely check it out! Check out my Magi-Nation Page!

Magic: Obviously the King of CCGs. You can always find Magic players, unlike many other CCGs. There are more cards out for this game than any other. Its rules seem to be under continuous revision as older cards are broken by newer ones. The game does suffer from the power-card and Mr. Suitcase traps. I also personally dislike the mania that surrounds Magic, and the lengths people go for this game, although that does not detract from the game itself.

Middle Earth: A good game which actually does a good job capturing the flavor of Tolkien's world. The game does take a long time, longer than is convenient sometimes.

NetRunner: Another WotC offering, NetRunner solves some of Magic's problems simply by making it impossible to play cards except on your own turn. Cards are also interesting, and the addition of Computer Graphics artwork is a welcome addition to this game. Biggest drawback is that it is strictly 2-player, even more so than Magic.

Pokemon: OK - the pokemon are obnoxious, and if you have kids, you've probably heard more than you ever wanted to know about the Pocket Monsters. However, the CCG is actually a surprisingly decent game, and worth a look. Now that the mania is mostly over, you may be able to pick up cards at a discount.

Rage: One of my two favorite Collectible Card Games (the other being Magi-Nation), this game was responsible for dragging me into the World of Darkness. It also is one of the best games I have seen for multiplayer play. It even avoids the problem of boredom in large games by letting everyone play simultaneously. The action is fast and furious (literally); yet there is a good strategic element as well. Visit my Rage Page!

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle: Almost as good a multiplayer game as Rage, but it is lousy with only two players. Much more strategic than any almost any other CCG; it requires a careful attention to details that is unlike most other games. The games usually take longer, particularly with more players (but is much more enjoyable); the actual rules only seem confusing, but are actually easy to follow.

Artist Pages

Artwork on Collectible Card Games is one of the reasons they are popular. In my web-travels, I have found that a number of artists have placed some of their CCG artwork on the Web for viewing by all. The links below take you to some of their virtual art galleries:

Trading Zone

If you are looking at this section, you have cards you want to trade, or are interested in what I have to trade. I have cards from a variety of games (including obscure ones), and I'm quite happy to make trades. I also occasionally run auctions on Ebay. If you have a new game or a game that is not mentioned on my trade-pages, inquire. I always might have promos, or be interested in sampling the game. Cross-Game trades gladly accepted. Make an offer, trading suggestion, or have any questions answered, by sending me email.

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