Magi-Nation d20 RPG

The world of Magi-Nation is the brainchild of Phil Tavel and Interactive Imagination. It is a Collectible Card Game (CCG), as well as a Gameboy game and a cartoon. This work is intended to give the fans of the Moonlands another way to enter and enjoy this wonderful world. All of this material is unofficial (except where noted). Please feel free to send me any comments at This is very much a work in progress, and I encourage people to send me comments. Thanks!

Most of this work assumes the reader is familiar with the d20 System, originally published by Wizards of the Coast. The Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook (3.5 Edition) provides the basic rules which are needed.

The Regions

A description of the various regions, including sites and features of each region.


Rules for playing the races - their advantages and disadvantages.


The character classes that players can choose for their Moonlands characters.

Skills and Feats

This page lists new Skills and Feats, and modifiers to existing Skills and Feats


The various types of (non-relic) equipment available in the Moonlands.

Dream Energy

How Dream Energy works, how magi use it to power their spells and summon Dream Creatures


A compendium of the Spells of Magi-Nation, with d20 game stats.


A listing of the magical Relics known to the Magi of Magi-Nation, along with their powers and abilities.

Dream Creatures

How to control, summon and care for Dream Creatures.

Creature Lists

The listing of all of the Dream Creatures of the Moonlands, along with notes on their powers and stats for the game. Also has links to other pages containing the d20 stats for the various Dream Creatures.


This section gives notes on how to run a Moonlands campaign. It includes important sections about the nature of a good Magi-Nation campaign, and some sample plot ideas.

Appendix A: The Magi of Magi-Nation

This is a compendium of the magi from the CCG and other sources. This information includes a short bio for each magi, along with some gaming stats.

Appendix B: Magi-Nation for BESM

This appendix consists of three separate pages that provide BESM mechanics for playing in the world of Magi-Nation. These pages were preserved for BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) gamers. It is not my work, but I have hosted it here for the benefit of other gamers. The pages include the the Magi-Nation Bestiary for BESM, which provides stats for some of the Dream Creatures, BESM Racial Templates, providing templates for the various Magi-Nation races, and New Rules for BESM which describes optional rules for using BESM to play games set in the Moonlands.

Appendix C: Designer's Notes

These are my personal notes about the various decisions I made in the design process. It should give some idea of the principals I followed in the d20 design. Additionally, it has information and guidelines about how individuals can contribute to this project.

Appendix D: Other Magi-Nation Sites

This is a list of other websites devoted to Magi-Nation.

An Introduction to Magi-Nation

Magi-Nation is a fantasy world where Magi live alongside Dream Creatures. The world of Magi-Nation, known as the Moonlands, is a moon which is separated into twelve different Regions. Each region has its own culture, and magi from the different regions have access to different spells and control different Dream Creatures. The various regions rival each other, but cooperation also is common. The exception is the Core, which is an evil land at the center of the moon, where dark corrupting energies have warped and darkened the magi and creatures there. The magi of the Core oppose the rest of the Moonlands - they're generally the villains.

For more information, check out the official Magi-Nation website!

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