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Paradwyn is a jungle rainforest, bursting with life, color, noise, and life. It lies on the east coast of the Moonlands, east of the Weave and south of Naroom. From the crystal-clear pools of cool water surrounded by rich, loamy soil, to the sun-drenched canopy at the top of vine-covered trees, everything in this hot, tropical region is vibrant, exotic, and thoroughly alive. Visitors are overwhelmed by the vibrancy of the realm. It is filled with exotic, enticing aromas, lovely flowers, and the musical noise of the creatures native to this wild, lush land.


Paradwyn's jungle covers gently rolling lands. Lush hills and valleys, completely covered in rampant, vibrant color easily awe visitors. The jungle's thick emerald canopy hides a glorious wild beauty, occasionally letting the sunlight peer through. Frequent babbling brooks and sparkling streams, originating from Paradwyn's numerous hot springs, cascade into waterfalls and collecting into small pools and lakes. The fresh and cool waters feed the vibrant life throughout the region.

Rain is frequent in Paradwyn, and the area does suffer the occasional tropical storm. Flooding is rare, but not unknown. The temperature is almost always warm and humid. The thick canopy usually blocks the brunt of the worst storms, while protecting the inhabitants below. Even the might of the elements only adds to the wild splendor of Paradwyn.


Paradwyn has few natural hazards. A few plants are mildly poisonous, but none are deadly. The weather is never too severe - only someone in medium or heavy armor would be uncomfortable in the heat.

The most common natural danger - outside of the frequent jungle hunters - is one's own inattentiveness.

Cities and Sites


Bararai is the capital city of Paradwyn. Though little more than a large collection of huts nestled among the jungle, Bararai is the center of Paradan culture. It lies in the center of Paradwyn, close to the Sacred Grove. It lies on a river feeding into the Mare Eliwani, and visitors are welcome.

Sacred Grove

Inside the Sacred Grove, the falling rain was funneled through a woven-vine ceiling, and poured into a maze of small streams that circled the walls of this expansive chamber. The flowing streams merged above a flowering pedestal set into the back wall, creating a small waterfall. Atop this pedestal lay the Paradise Gem, shedding a gentle light that flickered throughout the Grove as droplets of water split the light into rainbows of color. The gentle waterfall bathed the Paradise Gem, the crystalline waters flowing over the shining surface and splashing down upon the living altar. The vivid petals of a hundred jungle flowers danced in an ephemeral breeze, as their tightly wound stalks happily drank up the Gem's sparkling shower. A peaceful silence, broken only by the trickling of the rainwater, hung in the air.

The Sacred Grove is the most heavily defended site of Paradwyn. It serves only to house the Paradise Gem, but for Paradans, that is enough. The Paradise Gem is believed to maintain Paradwyn, but the Paradans themselves no longer remember the powers of the gem. They only know that it must be protected at all costs. Visitors are never allowed in the Sacred Grove, and its location is kept secret. Unfortunately, the Paradise Gem itself does radiate magic, so those who are particularly sensitive to magic would be able to find it - if they can pass by the Jungle Guard and the various dream creatures of Paradwyn.


Paradans believe they live in a paradise, and it would be hard to prove them wrong. The jungles have ample food, enough materials to craft anything they might need, and exciting challenges. Because of this, few Paradans care enough to venture beyond Paradwyn's borders.

However, Paradans are quick to defend their land, calling upon the various jungle beasts to aid them. They take defending the land very seriously. Of course, Paradans usually observe intruders long before they act. Visitors to Paradwyn usually have multiple eyes on them long before they even suspect it.

The Jungle Guard, a group of accomplished magi, protects the Paradwyn lands from intruders. They keep all non-Paradans out of the Sacred Grove, and deter any magi who might cause trouble to the rest of the region.

The Scarletsong

The Scarletsong is akin to an anthem for Paradans. The scarletsong includes both melodies sung by dream creatures, and lyrics sung by the Paradan magi. The scarletsong is both a unifying element and holds magic of its own.


She reclined against a huge flower petal. Its skin was soft and cool to the touch, and whenever Iyori shifted her position, a slight waft of luscious fragrance teased her nose. In her hands Iyori held the hollowed-out husk of a delicious fruit, into which was poured a fragrant and slightly spicy tea. The tea leeched some of the fruit cup's sweetness, which balanced nicely against the subtle musky tones of the brew.

Paradwyn has the widest variety of flora of any region in the moonlands. Flowering plants and trees, fruits of all types, and creeping vines run wild in a mix of colors and aromas. Visitors can easily be over-stimulated by it all.

The fruits of Paradwyn are varied and exotic. Most plants are not poisonous, and a fair number of them produce food of various sorts. Paradans dine on fruits and nuts, brew spicy teas, and dig for tasty roots.

The flowers in Paradwyn can grow quite huge - some are even five feet across. Paradans use these not only for clothing and food additives, but for many other uses.


A tree common in Paradwyn, the Kalooga has huge leaves with a waxy coating. When they are plucked (or harvested), the Kalooga leaves become impermeable - water simply rolls off them. They are therefore used as roofing, or even umbrellas, by the Paradans.


A tree of Paradwyn that produces large tasty fruit enjoyed by Paradans. The fruits are large - larger than grapefruit - and quite filling.

Redberry Trees

Redberries are a kind of fruit which grows on small, bushy trees. The fruit itself resembles an oversized strawberry, almost a foot long. It tastes similar, but the skin has a thick citrus-like rind. Paradan Jungle Guards use staves or sceptres tipped with redberries as a symbol, and as a weapon when necessary.


Baloo trees (see Naroom grow in Paradwyn as well. Paradwyn is also home to quite a few varieties of Baloo, including the Poison Baloo. Other varieties include the flowering baloo.


Many dream creatures of Paradwyn resemble their terrestrial counterparts. Others resemble large colorful plants. Most Paradwyn dream creatures are brilliantly colored.

Encounter Table

Common (1-6) Uncommon (7-9) Rare (0)
1 Dasia Bolobog Ainjer
2 Grass Etiki Quido Swarm Jungle Eebit
3 Hardshell Weebo Lurking Minani Looph
4 Gremble Scarletsong Lahalou Jip
5 Lahalou Treepsh Torpar
6 Scarletsong Hwit Weebo Jungle Jile
7 Aerial Flist Jile or River Abaquist Tropical Jumbor
8 Bagala Cub Vine Bhatar Tropical Vinoc
9 K'teeb Cub Janx Aritex
10 N'kala K'teeb Thumper Bulubantu
11 Terkoz Kwup Fog Hyren
12 Mydra Poison Baloo Root Gwomba
13 Rala Shadow Vinoc Tropical Hyren
14 T'kanzam K'ly Wandering Balamant
15 Tropical Plith Shadow Dryte Weed Hyren
16 Bagala Magor Canopy Hyren
17 Khisp Vuryip Junjertrug
18 Taglat Bagala Hunter Jungle Hyren
19 K'teeb Vine Hyren Oranragan
20 Inyx Nyrex Ghazran

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