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The Core is easily the worst of the regions, filled with barren rock, iron fortresses, cobwebs, brambles, and the bones of great beasts arranged into useful or ‘artistic’ arrangements. Mutant fungi that glow in nauseating shades of green provide what little light exists down there.

The Core is amorphous, a land in constant limbo, relating to chaos and nightmares. It occupies the same space as the center of the Moonlands, but it exists as a parallel dimension for Agram and its hordes of Shadow Magi. It is in this dark region that Agram reaches out to the dreams and nightmares of the inhabitants of the Moonlands to destroy them.

The Core is a dark-evil region of the world (it's actually the core of the moon). The Core Shadow Magi came from other regions of the world; these magi were turned into the Core. The Dream Creatures of the Core are the darkest and deadliest of the world.

Access to the actual Core region is normally only possible through Shadow Geysers. Shadow Geysers are eruptions of the Core's vileness into the realm of the Moonlands. The shadow geysers normally do not allow other magi to enter the Core, but those magi with an evil soul (or certain 'special' magi like Tony) can enter them.

Physically, the Core region resembles a dungeon in some areas, and a twisted landscape in others. It is filled with barren rock, iron fortresses, cobwebs, brambles, and bones of great beasts. The few Core magi have used these to create their realm, twisting brambles and bones into useful or artistic forms. The region is illuminated by mutant fungi which glow in nauseating shades of green, and an ambient putrescent purple glow that emanates from the actual center of the Core.


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