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Bograth is avoided by most of the other Moonlands inhabitants. It is a terrifying land of swamps, fens and quagmires. Sickly gnarled trees grow out of the listless brackish water, and slimy moss frequently hangs from their branches. Whatever land exists is mostly fetid mud flats. The plants are limp and bitter, and even the air is still, smelly and dank.

Some of the unpleasantness surrounding Bograth is possibly due to the corruption of the region's founder, Grath. Sometime after the Moonlands were created, Grath was corrupted by the Core. While the details have been lost to history, Grath's corruption was reflected in the land he helped create.


Bograth occupies a peninsula just to the south of Paradise Sea, extending eastward from the mountains of Kybar's Teeth. It extends northward along the shores of Paradise Sea, and borders Paradwyn just to the north.

Small rivers from Kybar's Teeth flow into Bograth, broadening into a huge swamp. Small scrub vegetation covers the higher elevations near Kybar's Teeth in a dense bog. The water flows sluggishly into the lower, swampy lands near Paradwyn and the Weave, creating pools of stagnant water. Various algaes and oozes grow in the slow moving water, and various pests, vermin and bacteria are a common hazard of the region. In other areas, the water flows under the surface, creating dangerous areas where a careless misstep could send a hapless traveler through the soil to the muddy water beneath.

Near the eastern reaches of the peninsula, the overhanging foliage give way to broad mud flats and grassy marshes, covered with smaller vegetation. To the north, the land begins to dry out as it reaches Paradwyn. The region extends upward slightly, into the foothills of Kybar's Teeth. The entire region is cooler than expected, primarily because the overhanging vegetation blocks most of the daylight. It is particularly chilly near Kybar's Teeth, as the terrain begins to rise.

The western region of Bograth is usually covered by a cloud of fog, rising from the various pools. The air currents, which run east to west, rise over the mountains of Kybar's Teeth, leaving Bograth with mostly stagnant air. On the rare occasions when the winds part the fog, sunlight warms and dries out the region slightly. This usually only happens when the main cloudbank of Arderial is nearby.


Traveling through Bograth is a challenge for anyone. Few clear paths wind through the dense swamps. Travelers will find that deep patches of mud and dense thickets of thorny bushes block their travel. Patches of stinking sand release noxious fumes, while even the rocks of Bograth are usually covered with slime. Quicksand is also a frequent hazard.

In addition to the hazards of the terrain, Bograth also is home to quite a few different diseases. Creatures native to Bograth have developed a highly efficient immune system, but visitors may not be so lucky. Visitors should make a Fortitude save (DC 12) once every three days while in Bograth. If the character has open wounds, this check must be made on a daily basis. Failure means that the victim has contracted some random non-magical disease or infestation.

Some areas of Bograth have been tainted by the Core. As a result, creatures who are sensitive to Core taint may become more difficult to control in those regions.

Cities and Sites

Bograth has few actual towns or cities of any size. Most of the inhabitants live in small villages of a hundred or less. These villages are typically built in a clearing that is less muddy than the surrounding area, and the Bograthians keep their village clear of the encroaching flora. Most villages are well-hidden from outsiders.

Qui Yolzik

The largest city of Bograth, and original capital, is Qui Yolzik. It is located at the eastern end of the peninsula. However, Qui Yolzik is still a small village compared to other towns in the Moonlands. Occasionally an Orothean will visit Qui Yolzik, but the village has little to offer visitors. Being far from the other regions, Qui Yolzik has become something of a backwater village.

Qui Olabra

Recently renamed, Qui Olabra lies near the border with Paradwyn. It is the second-largest village in Bograth, and is usually the first village of any size that a visitor encounters. Olabra controls the town, though not overtly. The town lies on a muddy river that flows into the Great River, which separates Bograth and Paradwyn from the Weave. With Olabra's ascension, it has become the de facto capital of the region.


The Tarsrath is a portion of Bograth near Qui Yolzik. The area has small patches of drier land mixed among the marsh land, and some Bograthians have taken up farming in the area. Most Bograthians avoid the area, but the land holds a few ruins from the earliest days of the Moonlands.


The magi of Bograth are as unappealing as their homeland. Many are deformed or twisted, and they are generally unpleasant and unkempt. Part of this is due to their lack of social integration with the rest of the Moonlands - few magi from other regions want to visit Bograth. Because of this, they are frequently amazed when an outsider enters Bograth, or makes an effort to visit them.

Because of their social isolation, Bograth citizens are not particularly socially adept either. Bograthians use magnificent-sounding titles for themselves. Whether this is compensating for inadequacy or that they truly feel so superior is hard to tell.

Bograthians do not worry about patrolling their land, or keeping unwanted creatures out. The region itself is a strong enough deterent in most cases. In addition, both the magi and creatures of Bograth are less concerned by the Core taint than any other region. Core creatures sometimes seek shelter in Bograth, where they are as welcome as any other creature.


The flora of Bograth is dank, smelly, and frequently twisted. Trees with twisted roots provide lairs for many of the Bograthian creatures. Bushes and shrubs provide undergrowth for the creatures to hide. Fungi, mosses, and other lower forms of plant life are common.

Many varieties of flora produce a foul smell or produce sounds to ward off creatures. There are fruits and nuts which grow in Bograth, but most have an unpleasant taste to a non-Bograthian. Some varieties of plants are poisonous, or at least nauseating. Non-natives must be careful when harvesting the Bograthian flora.

Many visitors believe that Bograthian plants are in an eternal state of rot. This is only partially true. The Bograthian vegetation grows quickly, and new growths quickly rise to compete with existing flora. Plants which lose the struggle begin to rot quickly, thanks to Bograth's humid environment. Once the rot sets in, the plants quickly decompose to enrich the soil. As a result of the rapidly changing flora, visitors can rarely find their way in the region.

Baloo trees (see Naroom grow in Bograth as well, though they rarely grow as tall as in Naroom or Paradwyn. The roots are a bit more gnarled. Of course, Bograth is also home to other varieties of Baloo, including the Poison Baloo.


Bograthian creatures are frequently nasty and unkempt, just like the Bograthians. Most Bograthian creatures tend to be small, but make up for their size with numbers and attitude. Almost all Bograthian creatures occur in large numbers. Swarms of dream creatures or vermin are common.

Common (1-6) Uncommon (7-9) Rare (0)
1 Bleph Ainjer Black Stuff
2 Bolobog Freep Makoor
3 Glablit Gwaeg Pyder
4 Green Stuff Muggum Hubram
5 Moob Wudge Rot Arboll
6 Moss Trulb Corf Jip
7 Quido Swarm Creeping Ainjer Rous
8 Trulb Looph Torpar
9 Zungg Muck Vinoc Vine Bhatar
10 Flame Trulb Ruid Swamp Moga
11 Gremble Sphor Baldar
12 Mirago Swamp Weebo Fog Hyren
13 Ooze Arboll Treepsh Gwomba
14 Umbu Weebo Tar Hyren
15 Vard Wither Twee Wandering Balamant
16 Jile Bog Wellisk or Tidal Karak Furlosk
17 N'kala Moss Quido Sludge Hyren
18 Slarnath Weebat Borgor
19 Mydra Poison Baloo Root Swamp Hyren
20 Taglat Khisp or Shadow Dryte Mist Hyren

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