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A deep, lush woodland, Naroom is quiet and peaceful. The towering 3000-year-old trees reach high into the sky to protect their land beneath their canopies, filling the woods with emerald light. In the fall, the forest erupts into a riot of color, and the leaf drifts can be as deep as twenty feet.

The forested realm of Naroom is a land of towering trees, deep secluded pools and abundant mysteries waiting to be unraveled within its shadowy green recesses. The forests teem with creatures great and small, physical and dream. The magi of Naroom live in harmony with the forest creatures, and the Dream creatures generally live harmonious lives (the best example of this is the Furok and its horn-bird, the fird).

The trees of Naroom are thousands of years old (most dating back to the founding of the Moonlands, at least 3000 years ago). Light filters in, tinted by the verdant growth, and the canopies are vast. Naroom citizens construct their buildings directly into the great trees, carefully tending them during construction to ensure the tree continues to thrive.

In the fall, the leaves erupt into a bold variety of color. Ranging from golden yellows, brilliant reds, and even purples, the leaves fall, burying the land below. The piles of leaves - the delight of every Naroom child - can sometimes reach as high as 20 feet. Fortunately, the leaves - like the trees themselves - are infused with a bit of Moonlands magic, and decompose rapidly over the winter.


The deep woods of Naroom cover the northern end of the main continent of the Moonlands. Gigantic trees, growing to incredible heights, dominate this region. Underbrush is sparse, as the towering trees absorb most of the light. While the sunlight peeks through in the occasional clearing or body of water, shade is the norm for this region.

To the south, Naroom ends abrubtly

Naroom has a relatively unique feature among the regions of the moonlands - it has seasons. Most of the Moonlands regions either have extreme climates (such as Cald, D'Resh, or Nar), or the land maintains a relatively small range of temperatures throughout the year because of their proximity to the equator. The trees in the northern part of Naroom actually drop their leaves during the autumn, resulting in huge piles of leaves. Tall pine trees also become more common in the northern reaches of Naroom.

Cities and Sites

Most of the cities of Naroom are built in the trees themselves. Houses, connected by walkways and stairs, are built at multiple levels in the trees.

Vash Naroom

Vash Naroom is the capital city of the region of Naroom. There, the Great Library of Naroom stands as the link to the knowledge of the past. Students learn dream magic from Evu and the other magi. The Inn at Vash Naroom is where Poad creates his magnificent magical feasts.


The people of Naroom generally have a helpful attitude toward everyone. Renowned as the best healers of the Moonlands, they make friends easily. The Naroomese live in a communal lifestyle, cooperating readily to solve challenges.

The people of Naroom also maintain a healthy attitude towards magic and scholarly study. They keep the lore of the Moonlands in the Great Library of Naroom, which contains many arcane and historic tomes. Naroomese librarians still discover new bits of lore paging through the vast library.


The region of Naroom is dominated by the great trees, which have no real name. However, other trees and bushes grow throughout Naroom, frequently springing up in groves where the great trees do not block all sunlight.


The Baloo is a stately tree common to Naroom, Paradwyn, and Bograth. Its roots, sap, and leaves all have healing properties in the hands of one skilled at Herbalism.

The roots are of particular interest. Gradually as the Baloo tree gets older, some of the roots shorten and eventually withdraw from the ground. These roots can eventually animate, dropping off the original tree. At this point, the animated root grows a small set of leaves or fronds at its crown where it has separated; the tip of the root may split to provide the root mobility, and small tendrils serve as limbs. The animate baloo root will wander until it finds a new place to plant itself; at that point it will bury itself and become the new taproot for a new Baloo tree.

The Baloo is known for its healing properties. Leaves from a Baloo tree can be used to reduce pain from burns and scrapes.

The Baloo Root can be prepared by a talented magus; once prepared, it can have a beneficial effect on Dream Creatures. The Baloo root seems to draw just a bit of magical power, which dream creatures can consume.

For more detail about the animate Baloo Roots, see the entry under the Creatures section.


A small tree common in Naroom. The Dewfrond has broad cupped leaves that catch water. Creatures are often found near dewfronds, tipping and drinking from the leaves. The Naroomese also collect this water.

Jub-Jub Tree

One of the larger trees of Naroom, the Jub-jub trees grow close together in dense groves. Their roots, which can become tangled with each other, frequently rise above the ground and create a barrier or hazard to movement. The branches are similarly twisted, which gives the trees a tight, bushy look. The roots of mature trees can rise 10-20 feet above ground, twisting and intertwining with their neighbors. Jub-jubs grow in more temperate climates, and thrive where there is ample moisture. They can grow in rocky soil without problem. Both the root systems and the branches are home to small creatures, who take shelter in the tough roots and branches of the tree.

Spicenut Tree

A tree common to Naroom. As its name suggests, it bears spicy nuts, which are harvested by Naroomese. The nuts are quite fragrant, dark, and grow in clusters.


Encounter Table

Common (1-6) Uncommon (7-9) Rare (0)
1 Fird Hardshell Weebo or Shadow Fird Baby Furok
2 Bikneets Twee or Shadow Fird Flying Hinko
3 Bungaloo Sneaky Weebo Rabbage
4 Eebit or Primat Scout Bungaloo Wasperine Stalker
5 Tree Hinko Snag Arboll Gumph
6 Weebo Wasperine Rabid Wasperine
7 Arboll Balamant Pup Stagadan Charger
8 Jip or Weebat K'Teeb Thumper Dagok
9 K'teeb Cub Leaf Hyren Elder Weebo
10 Plith Twunk Ember Hyren
11 Rudwot Bhatar Alpine Xamf
12 Stagadan or Forest Wudge Chaos Plith Chaos Jile
13 Vinoc Forest Jile Furlosk
14 Carillion Nodj or Tithragar Garadan
15 Flame Rudwot Orok Glade Hyren
16 Furok Sabertooth Jumbor Timber Hyren
17 Leaf Chogo Dark Furok Grendile
18 Balamant Tillant Carillion Titan
19 Garan Wandering Balamant Forest Hyren
20 K'teeb Giant Carillion Furok Guardian

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