Role-Playing Games

For those unfamiliar with them, Role-Playing Games (RPGs) are games where the players each assume the role of an adventurer or hero. They work together to overcome the obstacles in an attempt to solve the goal of the adventure. The gamemaster provides the plot and opposition to the players. There are many different genres of RPGs, ranging from fantasy to science-fiction to pulp-fiction to horror and Adventures may be anything from Saving the Princess from the Dragon to Thwarting Space Pirates to Uncovering Things Best Left Alone.

RPGs differ from traditional games in that there is no 'winner' - instead the playing of the game is more in the form of an open-ended story (or series of stories) where the protagonists actively shape the events of the plot. Characters grow in power and experience, gaining skills and talents, and facing more difficult obstacles.

Role-Playing Games are a wonderful source of mental and social exercise. I am quite fond of both the Mental challenges necessary to solve puzzles and dilemmas, and the social interaction with fellow players and game masters.

In addition, I have been involved with several RPG demonstration groups over the years. These groups have been helpful in introducing Role-playing games to the next generation. We have taught new young players not only how to play, but also Game-Mastering technique. We helped out at schools and conventions, encouraging the next generation to form High School clubs for role-playing.

RPG Advice

Here is some advice on Building Characters

Great RPG Games

The RPGs listed below are only a few of those that I have played over the years. I have material for many other game systems, and I always find new ideas refreshing. I find the greatest enjoyment from exploring ideas, both my own and those of other gamemasters and game authors.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is the oldest and most well-known RPG. It is set in one of several fantasy worlds, with magic, monsters, and other fantastic effects. Players are heroic adventurers, striving to perform mighty quests, slaying evil creatures, and defending their honor. Players assume the role of warriors, mages, rogues, and priests, and can have characters of different races, such as dwarves or elves. A large number of different settings and expansions provide a number of different fantastical settings, from the High Fantasy of the Forgotten Realms to the Historical Fantasy of Greyhawk and the Horror of Ravenloft.


Superhero RPG from HeroGames, with very flexible character design. Part of the Hero System, which all use the same rules base. Other Hero System games include Fantasy Hero, Horror Hero, Western Hero, Space Hero (see a trend?), etc.

I have been a regular Champions player too. I am working on writing up a few of my characters for others to use as NPCs. Again, let me know what you think.

MagiNation d20

The MagiNation d20 work is some of my efforts to create a d20-based RPG for the MagiNation CCG/Gameboy Game, produced by Interactive Imagination. There are a large number of creatures, new classes, spells, and more just waiting here! This is work that is very much in development. So comments are welcome! Check it out!

Shadow Raiders d20

Again, the Shadow Raiders d20 work is some independent work I have done on creating a d20 system for the Shadow Raiders television series produced by Mainframe Entertainment, now owned by Rainmaker Entertainment. This work is mostly based on WotC's d20 Future, but with some additions.

The World of Darkness (original version)

Werewolf, Vampire, Mage, Wraith, Changeling, Demon, Hunter, Mummy, et al...

In years past, one of the most popular of these systems was the World of Darkness system from White Wolf. Players can play Werewolves (in Werewolf: the Apocalypse), Vampires (in Vampire: the Masquerade), Mages (Mage: the Ascension), or several other character types. The games are set in the modern day, and are all compatible. The World of Darkness is actually a dark reflection of our own world, created by White Wolf. It has an extremely rich mythos.

The White Wolf system was updated with the new World of Darkness system, though the setting fundamentally changed. The system was also adapted to the Aeon universe, under which White Wolf created Aeon/Trinity (sci-fi psions), Aberrant (supers), and Adventure (pulp heroes).

Changeling is a strange cross between the modern angst of the other WoD games, and elements of high fantasy. Characters are faeries - creatures of dreams trapped in a mundane, banal world.
Werewolf features the conflict of the nature-worshipping Garou against the forces of ecological devastation and destruction of the natural balance of things. Imagine Captain Planet with claws, teeth and a REAL bad temper.

Call of Cthulhu

One of the original Horror RPGs from Chaosium, CoC is based on the Lovecraft tales of Cthulhu and other great evil old beings that inhabited the earth before the rise of man. Players play investigators into things best left unknown, and frequently go insane.

I play this game once in a great while; enjoyed it too. More characters for your entertainment:

Stuff I have for Sale or Trade

Unlike Collectible Card Games, I tend to keep most of the RPG material I purchase. Generally I like to keep game materials for ideas, even if I do not play a game currently. However, I do have a few items I am selling or trading away. Email me for a current list of stuff I have for sale, or check out my Ebay Auctions.