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The equipment found in the Moonlands is varied, and is usually specific to a particular region. Because of this, starting player characters may not initially purchase equipment from regions that are not their own. Each region constructs its items from materials native to that region. Therefore, while a Naroom character may have a staff made from wood, an Orothean might have one made from shells and coral. Characters are encouraged to detail the construction and appearance of their items after all, one of the attractions of Magi-Nation is its visual style.

Trade does occur between regions. While each region can survive in isolation, its not uncommon to find a citizen of Naroom wearing something from Paradwyn. Animite chips and crystals are generally used as currency where necessary, but barter is more common.

Metals are virtually unknown in the Moonlands. There are few items made from soft (precious) metals such as gold or silver. But those are quite rare; forging iron into steel is unknown, and metal objects would be seen as a curiosity at best. Furthermore, hard metals interferes with the flow of Dream Energy. Characters should not be allowed to start with any metal objects. However, with the magic flowing through the natural elements within the Moonlands, the various materials (Weave grasses, Orothean shells, etc.) are more than acceptable substitutes.

Money and Commerce

Animite Chips (or simply, chips) are used as the means of commerce, although barter is more common. Animite Crystals are considered equal to 100 chips in value (crystals that are infused are more valuable depending on the creature infused). Costs below are in chips.

For more accuracy, the moonlanders would use a base-8 system rather than a base-10 system, as they have eight fingers rather than 10. So a crystal would be worth 64 chips.


While magi don't typically rely upon weapons, there are times when a handy weapon is useful. Below are typical weapons for each region, along with notes. The following weapons are available:

Special Weapons of the Moonlands
Damage Regions Notes


- Wea
Arrows 1-6 Wea
Claws Und, DRe, Kyb, Nar
Spear Oro, Wea
Staff Nrm, Wea, Par,
Digging Claws 1-8 Und Exotic Weapon
Grapple Tooth Und

Digging Gloves: These are gloves with long crystalline blades/spikes. Digging Spikes

Grapple Tooth: This is a grappling hook used by Kybarites. It can be used as a weapon, or to aid in climbing, Characters who

Shovel: This is a traditional digging spade. However, a shovel can also be used as a weapon.

Throwing Stars: Basically snowflakes which have been honed by an artificer.


The Moonlanders wear varying types of protection. Many Moonlanders don't usually wear armor at all, counting on their summoned creature companions for protection. Others wear a token piece of armor. Because of the varying types of protection, the following armors are available in each region

Cald makes gauntlets from a lightweight volcanic stone

Weave shields are made from (what else?) the grasses of the Weave Gauntlets (Cal, Nrm)

Armored Shirt: Weave

AC Modifier Dex Check Penalty Example Notes
Gauntlets +1 Yaki's, Orlon's, Gar's, etc
Light Mantle +2 Ythra's Mantle
Heavy Mantle +3 Sinder's Mantle
Hides, Fur, Armored Shirt +1 Taisa's shirt,

Gauntlets: Moonlander gauntlets actually are more akin to Bracers, or a buckler, than gauntlets. They cover the forearm and hand, but leave the fingers open. It is very easy for a user to put on gauntlets because of this

Mantles: Moonlander Mantles typically cover the wearer's shoulders and upper chest. Heavy Mantles also usually protect the neck (and lower face).

Shields are rare

Armored Shirts are generally garments that cover the wearer's upper body (at least to the waist), and are composed of local materials that have been toughened by an Artificer. Furs and Hides can be considered arrmored shirts, as can Taisa's woven shirt.

Other Equipment

Other non-magical equipment may be found in the Moonlands, as long as they are not made of metal. Other materials may be substituted as appropriate - a chest may be made of wood in Naroom, stone in Kybar's Teeth, or woven grass in the Weave. Convert the prices in the Player's handbook to chips, with 1 gold piece = 1 chip. Bundles of objects (e.g., torches) are traded in lots.

Magical Equipment

Gamemasters may consider letting beginning players start play with a minor magic item. The following are some suggestions for low-level characters:

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