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Skills in the Moonlands generally conform to those from the Player's Handbook. However, there are some modifications to existing skills:

Decipher Script: This skill is primarily useful for deciphering ancient Eliwan texts or inscriptions on forgotten relics.

Handle Animal: This skill is used to interact with Dream Creatures, rather than animals. It is used to interact with Dream Creatures, and can be used like Diplomacy, but to change the reaction of a wild Dream Creature. It is also used when the magi is trying to get a Dream Creature to do something it may not wish to do.

Knowledge: Arcana This primarily gives the character knowledge of the ancients - the Eliwan founders, and their history. Much of the lore of the Ancients is still unknown.

Knowledge: Planes generally provides knowledge of how the Dream Realm works. Knowledge of other planes is not usually known to Moonlanders.

Knowledge: Region An extension of the Knowledge skill, the Knowledge: Region allows a character to gain knowledge about regions other than their own. For instance, Knowledge: Cald would enable a character to know more about the furnaces of Cald or the difference between a Vaal and Greater Vaal. All characters automatically have Knowledge: Region for their own region at Level+3. Universal is NOT a region for the purpose of this skill.

Knowledge: Religion There are no organized religions in Magi-Nation; this skill is not available for Magi-Nation characters.

Language: The only written (and spoken) language on the Moonlands is Eliwan. Therefore, this skill is not useful at all, and may not be taken by characters in the Moonlands. Moonlands characters do not gain automatic languages at first level. Exception: Core magi may take Language: Ancient Eliwan, but must spend a skill point to do so.

Survival: Instead of Knowledge (nature), this skill has synergy with Knowledge (region). A character with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (region) gets +2 on Survival checks within that region.


Dissolve: Prerequisites: D'Reshi only, Con 12+, level 12+. The D'Reshi learns to dissolve into the sand or fade into thin air. This ability is not just an illusion (as many might think), but actually a physical change. The D'Reshi becomes intangible, unable to affect the physical world. If the D'Reshi chooses to dissolve into air, they are also invisible. If the D'Reshi chooses to dissolve into the sand, they can travel under the sandy ground, but not through solid rock. In either case, their movement is unchanged. A D'Reshi may use this ability a number of times per day equal to their Con bonus.

Extra Fingers: The character is a descendant of Gorgle, or is an Eliwan with a five-fingered humanoid ancestor (such as a human). The character has five fingers on each hand instead of four, and therefore may wear one extra dream creature ring on each hand. Note: This feat should not be allowed during the time of the established storyline (except for Grega), but could be allowed after the Invasion storyline is concluded. This feat may only be taken with the gamemaster's permission, and must be taken when the character is created.

Increased Energy: This feat gives a magi +3 Dream Energy available in his Dream Energy Pool. This does not increase the amount of Dream Energy in the Magi's Reserve. This feat may be taken multiple times.

Improved Undreaming: This feat enables the character to undream her creatures more efficiently, wasting as little energy as possible. While a magi without this feat is able to regain 1 point of Dream Energy per every 10 hit points that their Dream Creature has remaining, a magi with Improved Undreaming may regain 1 point of Dream Energy per every 6 hit points that their Dream Creature has remaining. This feat still does not allow a magi to gain more Dream Energy for a creature than it cost to summon them; however, a magi with Improved Undreaming may regain Dream Energy equal to the cost of summoning the creature.

Large Size: Prerequisites: Kybarites only, Str 16+. Kybarites never actually stop growing, although their growth slows considerably when they reach maturity. Kybarites are an average of 7 feet tall when they mature, and can easily grow to larger than 8 feet. Kybarite characters with the Large Size feat are now considered Large creatures. They have a -1 to hit and to their armor class, and a -4 size penalty to Hide checks. However, their face/reach is now 10', and their Unarmed Strike damage increases to 1d4 (plus Str bonus, of course).

Magic Sense: Prerequisites: Eliwan or Dream Creature, Wisdom 11+. The character gains the ability to sense magic. This is not a finely-tuned ability, but more of a sixth sense. The character can make a Wisdom check any time a magical effect occurs nearby; success indicates the character senses the direction and general strength of the magic. This feat does not give any indication as to the type or intent of the magic.

Region Familiarity: Prerequisites: Level 8+, Knowledge: Region 8+, having spent time in the selected region and befriended the inhabitants. The character adopts a chosen region as a second region. While he or she is not considered a native of the second region, the character does learn the spells of the region and is able to cast them like a native. Also, the character becomes familiar with the creatures of the region and may summon and control them without penalty. Core may not be selected as a second region (exception: Bograthians can select Core as a second region).

Region Adaption: Prerequisites: Level 12+, Knowledge: Region 12+, Region Familiarity for the selected Region. The character now adapts fully to the second region, gaining certain benefits from long association with that region. The character has now become almost a native of their adopted region. Depending on the region, the character gains the following benefits:

Wings: Prerequisites: Arderian Only, Level 6+, Con 14+. The Arderian can grow wings to help with flying. The wings increase flight speed by 20 feet. The Arderian gains a limited shapechanging ability, allowing him or her to change between a winged and wingless form. Most Arderians grow feathered wings, though butterfly wings (or other types of wings) are possible. Once a magi has chosen their wing type (and color), it is fixed. Changing shape is a full round action for Arderians, and it is a supernatural ability.


Flaws, first introduced in Unearthed Arcana, allow a character to select a flaw when created. In exchange for the flaw, the character may take an extra feat.

Flaws marked by a © are valid for Core magi to take as their required flaw. The required flaw does not give the Core magi an extra feat.

Native Magi: The magi may only cast spells and summon creatures from their own region, or those available to all regions (eg, Universal).

Short: The magi is exceptionally short, standing about 3-4 feet tall. The magi still counts as a Medium creature for most purposes, but counts as a Small creature for grappling and similar activities. In addition, the character's movement rate is 10 ft. less than normal for his race. Cannot be taken by Arderians, Orotheans, or Kybarites.

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