BESM: Magi-Nation Racial Templates

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This conversion is the work of David Fryer and Joel Marcantel. I am preserving it on my site for the benefit of other gamers. The original page duplicated the descriptions from the d20 races page, so I removed it for brevity.

All races of the Moonlands are descended from the Eliwan, a human-like race. They tend towards larger eyes and smaller noses than humans and only have tree fingers and a thumb. However their fingers tend to be slightly thicker and stronger than a human's are. The race as a whole tends toward fairer (caucasian) skin where not otherwise noted.





Presented as a collection of abilities for a typical(?) Core magi








Shadow Magi

Shadow Magi are Magi of regions other than the Core who have been converted (Contaminated) to evil. They have all of the characteristics of their original region and the Core region except the Coreís ďCurseĒ. The Coreís Curse will be replaced by a new one:

When they become a Shadow magi, a magi loses the Appearance Attribute, the Healing Special Attribute (unless they are Naroom), and the Girl/Guy Magnet and Significant Other Defects. If any other items tend to conflict with the Core Shadow agenda, the Core almost always overrules the magiís old region (GMís discretion).