Magi-Nation: New Rules for BESM

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This conversion is the work of David Fryer and Joel Marcantel. I have hosted it on my site to preserve it for the benefit of gamers everywhere.As I am not a BESM expert, I will not be creating content for these pages. However, if other BESM Magi-Nation fans email me new material, I will add it to these pages as appropriate.

This page contains information about various character related aspects of the Magi Nation world as it results to Big Eyes Small Mouth. I am posting things here as I get them worked up and so it will have a sort of hodgepodge feel to it for a while. Please excuse the mess.

All characters, rules, and what not are copyright their respective owners. I plan to make conversions for relics, spells, creatures, and a few select Magi. Since this is a world of powerful Magi who can sculpt a barren moon into a livable world, I’m assuming most games will be played in a high powered or very high powered environment (40-55 points). Also, the templates shown are merely suggestions that I think would make up a Magi from the MagiNation that would probably be a hero or something.

Animite Rings

Item of Power Level 3

Animite is the mystic metal which makes the Moonlands possible. Rings are forged of this material which allow magi to summon dream creatures to their aid. These rings allow for the summoning of a single creature, which is bonded with the ring at it's creation.

Animite Rings grant the user Servant Level 5, Summonable Level 2, and Summoning Object Level 1. The servant which can be called with this ring is not replaceable between sessions.

Dream Energy

Magi are able to draw upon their inner strengths to summon reserves of energy. There are several ways this can be handled. Gamemasters should select which of the following abilities the player may use:


This way of gaining energy is similar to the card game. At the beginning of every combat round, a Magi will automatically tap their reserves of energy (this does not count as an action). All magi start with an Energize of 1. To permanently increase their energize rate, they must buy the appropriate level.


This way of gaining energy is similar to the Game Boy Color game. A magi must actively concentrate to tap their inner powers. Focusing takes one combat turn. All magi can be assumed to be able to Focus. To Focus, roll one 6-sided dice and add the number to the energy of the Magi. There are two levels to modify this roll.

Recover Energy

The character recovers energy at a faster than normal rate. Recover Energy does not allow a character to exceed her normal maximum number of Energy Points.

Regional Penalty

Magi can cast spells that are not of their region or element so long as they have one extra level above what the spell requires, and spend an additional 5 energy points to cast that spell, unless it is a Universal spell, in which case no regional penalty applies. The same goes for creatures. They may not cast creatures (unless they are Universal) that are not of their region unless they are willing to spend an additional 5 energy points Summoning them. Magi can not use Relics that are from a different region unless they are Universal.

Dream Creatures

Combat with dream creatures is different than combat involving other types of creatures. Because dream creatures are spiritual entities and not alive as we understand it, they cannot die. Thus when a dream creature is reduced to zero health points it is withdrawn back into its ring and cannot be resummoned for the duration of combat.

Summoning Dream Creatures

This is an ability that all Magi that can equip animite rings can be assumed to have. Any dream creature can be summoned, so long as the proper ring is equipped is equipped and the caster has enough energy to transfer to the creature. Normally, summoning a creature would be like a spell, so that the magi would constantly be spending Energy to keep the creature in the magi's plane. Since this reflects neither the card nor GBC game, I have left this requirement out.

Summoning a creature from another dimension, the Dream Plane, takes one combat round to complete. The summoned creature then forms in front of the caster, space permitting. If the GM judges that the space a magi is currently in is too small to contain the creature, the creature may not be summoned (an Ormagon, therefore, could not be summoned from inside of the back of a van). The summoned creature, which counts as a servant, disappears when its energy reaches zero or less, leaving only a faint sparkle which will quickly disappear. Also, a defeated creature may leave animite on a six sided dice roll of 1 or 2. If the creature is essential to the campaign, or especially rare, the GM may choose to waive this rule. So long as a creature is out, the Magi that summoned it may not be attacked. Additionally, they may not be KO'ed when their life falls to zero or to –19 (the creature's bond with its master is enough to keep them conscious). Any lower, however, and the creature's energy must be returned to its master to keep them from dying. Subtract the creature’s remaining HP and add it to their master's. If a magi has more than one creature out in play, the magi chooses one to return to themselves. The magi's HP must be returned to 1 HP or higher. If not, they are KO'ed, OR they may take back another creature. If a magi is ever dead or KO'ed, their creatures disappear to the dream realm. Roll to see if they leave behind any of their animite.