World of Darkness

The original World of Darkness was a dark reflection of our own world, Vampires stalked the cities, preying upon unsuspecting humans and playing Machiavellian games. Werewolves roamed the countryside, warring against both the forces of progress and pollution which threatened their territories. Mages contested against one another, each trying to establish their own particular view of reality. Faeries struggled against the banality of the mundane world, trying to preserve their enchantments. Ghosts stalked the world, seeking to resolve the ties binding them to the mortal world.

Each of the supernaturals had a particular theme, factions, abilities, and so forth. The various supernatural creatures frequently fought against each other. At the same time, each of them tried to avert the coming dark fate awaiting them all.

Several years ago, White Wolf ended the original World of Darkness. Afterward, White Wolf created a new World of Darkness. The mechanics for the various games were changed, and the setting was fundamentally changed.

Role-Playing Games
Changeling is a strange cross between the modern angst of the other WoD games, and elements of high fantasy. Characters are faeries - creatures of dreams trapped in a mundane, banal world.
Werewolf features the conflict of the nature-worshipping Garou against the forces of ecological devastation and destruction of the natural balance of things. Imagine Captain Planet with claws, teeth and a REAL bad temper.
Collectible Card Games
Rage is a fast-paced CCG based on Werewolf. Rage features simultaneous play, excellent artwork, and a wealth of strategies.