Changeling: the Dreaming

Changeling is relatively unique within the World of Darkness in that it is more light-hearted, and is probably the most appropriate for younger children. The high-fantasy elements can really make an interesting Chronicle, and a pleasant diversion from an angst-driven Vampire chronicle.

Fundamental to the Changelings are their cantrips. These wide-ranging magical effects are second in power only to the mage's command of reality; they are quite varied and can even be fun to play (particularly when the players get creative with their Bunks). To help make cantrip-casting run smoother, I wrote Cantrip Casting 101.

The Changeling Kiths

The different Kith are all strongly archetyped. It is fairly easy to play a changeling, but in our demo games we have found that identifying each kith with well-known characters helps novice players get into their roles. Here are some samples:

Adventure Ideas

These are some adventure ideas that I have run or been involved in. Feel free to adapt them.