Red Talons Tribal Territory

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The Red Talons are a tribe of Garou solely consisting of lupus garou (plus a few metis which have been allowed to live). They are dedicated to reinstating the Impergium, when human population was culled to keep them in check. The Red Talons howl in frustration as they see more and more humans spreading unchecked across the land; as their wolf kinfolk loses more territory to mini-malls and planned suburbia, their Rage grows.

In the Rage CCG, they have several unique talents. In White Wolf's version of Rage, they had a potent arsenal of gifts, including True Fear, Scream of Gaia, Gaia's Vengeance, and Shield of Gaia. Rage Across Las Vegas (produced by FRPG), the re-release of Rage, allows them to gain victory by killing humans.

Beware - This is the territory of the Red Talons. We have sent one of our own, Songs-of-Fire, among you humans so that you may hear our words. For you shall soon again be our prey, as the Apocalypse dawns.

The Red Talons' views are extreme, even to other garou. Most Red Talons wish to see humans driven to extinction, just as humanity has done to so many other animals. They believe that humans have forfeited their right to existence by gross crimes against nature. While most garou consider them a faction of extremists, their cries are echoed by lupus garou of other tribes. At the same time, most other tribes overlook their strong spiritual nature. No other tribe is as close to the wilderness, and the Red Talons know many secrets of nature forgotten by other tribes.

Humans have encompassed far too much of Gaia in the Weaver's embrace. Gaia dies because of it. The lands you call America once was home to 24 subspecies of our gray wolf kinfolk; wolves we shared with the Wendigo and Uktena as breeding stock and packmates. Now there are only five of those subspecies left. Where we once roamed across the entire northern continent, now our packs must hunt only in the colder lands. The balance is broken - in the eastern states, there are more deer now than before the Europeans arrived, and the land is suffering for it. We, the natural predators, have been driven out by the humans.

Humans have driven countless species to extinction. Why should humanity, who should be one of many of Gaia's children, be special? Why should they be allowed to decide which of Gaia's other children die or survive, according to their whim?

In Service to Gaia

Some humans have provided examples which more moderate Red Talons have seen as a positive sign. The actions of these humans have given weight to the anti-extincion faction of the Red Talons, known as the Whelp's Compromise. The following links are some of these - organizations dedicated to helping the plight of the wolf in the wild. Please support their efforts:

and check out the Wolves Web Directory for more informative sites

These pages are maintained by Songs of Fire, Red Talon Galliard. Aware of the fate of the Bunyip through his past lives, Songs of Fire has dedicated himself to ensuring that the garou remember anything the humans have done that are worthy of Gaia. He is searching for the few nuggets of humanity worth saving before his tribe begins their second Impergium.

Grrr... stupid Glass Walker. Said that if he could survive on our turf, and write about it in the Werewolf Storyteller's Handbook, then I should be able to learn his tricks. I feel tainted from this weaver-machine - I shall have to run under the moon and hunt down some polluters. To the humans reading this - Beware! Do not give us any more reason to cull you from the crowd!

Yours in Service to Gaia... Songs of Fire