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Welcome to my Rage Pages. These pages contain some personal deck ideas and strategy for Rage: Apocalypse. For those of you who are venturing to these pages in search of the official rules pages and FAQs, please check here. I have passed on the mantle of Rage Rules Guru to Fenris Lorsrai, and she will now be supporting the game and maintaining the rules documents.

You may also be travelling to the Red Talons Tribal Territory, but homids among you should watch your step. The Red Talons Tribal Territory is dedicated to giving the Red Talons a voice and a representation on this bewildering Information Superhighway.

Rage: Apocalypse

Rage Sales & Trades

I have a lot of Rage cards from all sets. Some are listed at Mahasamatman, though I am still in the process of updating the lists. While there are few Rage cards I will trade for, I am happy to cross-trade for cards from other CCGs.

Rage Humor

When FRPG had missed its original Nov '97 publication date (by many months), I thought of some of the other disappointments we Ragers had to face. Here are the top ten Rage-related products which were never produced:

10. Vlad's Fun-in-the-Sun Carribean Cruises
9. The Black Book of Margrave Konietzko's Secrets Revealed
8. Uncle Freddy's Playground video (a la' Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood? not quite...)
7. Balam brand Catnip
6. Juicy Johnes action figure
5. The Black Spiral board game
4. Mangles - the Get of Fenris Beanie Baby
3. Lego Caern Builder Playset
2. Black Fury Barbie
1. Tickle-me Mamu

White Wolf released several special promo cards. Many were available only to members of Garou Nation. However, I have found a special rare card, which is not on any card lists published to date. This card is the rare "White Howler in a Snowstorm" character. This Metis Ragabash character is found very rarely in packs. I have determined that it must be a Character card, as neither side shows a Sept or Combat back. It must be a Metis, as both sides are identical. It must be a White Howler, as all the other tribes have identity bars of different colors than white. And the character must be a Ragabash, as only the jesters of Garou-kind would think to pose for a portrait in a blinding snowstorm.

Unfortunately the white border and white background make it difficult to read the renown of this character, or his name, stats, etc. But I have him and he's all mine!