Red Talon Wolfpack

Rage Championship Deck

Songs of Fire,
Alpha, DeeCee Caern Silver Pack

Come gather around, my pups. It is time for you to learn more of the Garou. Perhaps some of you will be blessed of Gaia, and appointed as one of her defenders. Even if you never experience the Change, you should know of us, and how we protect Gaia. Tonight, I shall tell you of a pack I once ran with.

Our tribe is known as the Red Talons. Many strong warriors of Gaia share our blood. I have already told you of Mamu, and the great Howls-Like-Thunder,my pups. These are true living legends of the Red Talons. Yet the pack I will tell you of tonight is not one that either of these warriors ran with, but instead draws its strength from all members.

Remember, we are lupus. Our strength lies in our unity, not the heroics of individuals. This is the real reason the pack worked so well together. The principal pack members were five, yet could draw upon the strength of many. Remember this well, for the world is a harsh place, and even the greatest of champions can be slain if weakened by many opponents. There are many in other packs that will try to make a name for themselves by laying such a champion low.

Our alpha is Fireclaw. His particular blessing from Gaia gives other garou a reason to rethink a foolish attack. There are many who bear scars from his claws even now; the wounds closing ever so slowly. He is dangerous alone, particularly when he invokes the gift of Catfeet. Our usual beta is Old Storm Chaser, always ready to step in when Fireclaw is wounded. In many ways, Storm Chaser is the heart of the pack. He is particularly blessed of Gaia, and may command many of Her greatest gifts. Many times he has invoked the Scream of Gaia, to prophecy the doom for our foes. And greater still, he can call upon Gaia's Vengeance to destroy our mightiest foes.

Here, Drifting Song - there is more caribou to gnaw on. Growls-at-Moon is our third. She protects the other packmates, and has stepped in to help defend our weakest members. She is also quite able to evoke many of Gaia's gifts in her role as defender.

Yes, Amari is not quite of our blood. Amari Howls-from-Soul is of another tribe, yet we let her run with our pack for a time. Her howls are truly inspirational, and even the weakest members of our pack are inspired to greater ferocity when she joins us.

Hush, Jumps-in-Wind - don't growl at that one. No, he is not a wolf, or even Garou. Frenar is a Bastet, from the warmer lands. He recently asked to join our pack, and submitted to the will of Fireclaw and Storm Chaser. He is different, but he has sworn to protect our alpha. I have seen him leap from the trees to defend Fireclaw when Fireclaw has been gravely wounded, and the rest of the pack is too far away to join him. He is also the reason we have started receiving the Visits from White Father.

Our pack uses little equipment. Only the Mantle of El Dorado, brought to us by Frenar, will we occasionally use. Our gifts and talents make it unnecessary. We also have many allies - Wolf-spirits answer our calls to aid the pack. Avahuasca help to ferry information among our pack, allowing us to attack or defend in greater numbers. In the neediest of times, Storm Chaser has even called upon the aid of a Dreamspeaker - yes she is a human (stop growling!), but has demonstrated her devotion to Gaia. She can even call upon Gaia's Vengeance herself, so Storm Chaser vouches for her.

We hunt many Enemies of Gaia. You may have heard of Samuel Haight? We have tracked his scent in our lands. We have also ventured into the domains of Elder Vampires, to end their foul existence. The horrid Pentex has tried to build a Refinery in our lands, only to fall prey to our pack. We have even brought down the dreaded Nexus Crawler - stop whining, White Paws - you are safe here. Our greatest shame is also our prey - the Wyrm-Tainted Sower of Thunder.

Our tribe has few territories left to claim as its own. We travel in the Serene Wilderness, where we are familiar with every tree and track. Here, in the Kinfolk Den, we raise you, my pups, and are ready to slay any who dare attack us. We are also near our Caern of the Weeping Daughter. This too protects our pack from those who would enter mad frenzy. See my pups? I told you we were safe.

On the rare occasions we call for moots with other packs, there is only one issue to be pressed. We call for the Impergium to be reinstated. You remember what I told you of the Impergium? Yes, Playful Tail - that's right. Most other lupus see as we do. Otherwise, we are generally unconcerned with the posturings of the other tribes.

When we face our foes, we do so as a pack. Remember this - it is most important. Strike as a pack, use surprise when you can, and do not hesitate to withdraw if your prey proves more difficult to bring down. Even the largest of foes can be brought down by our pack when we act together. When you can, make sure to strike a Telling Blow, so that all know of our skill. Those we cannot slay, but are weakened too much to survive can be lost in a Trackless Waste, to be hunted down later.

Remember to let the pack leaders invoke whichever of Gaia's Gifts they can. Many foes are unable to act when paralyzed by the True Fear of being our prey. We may also reduce their minds to those of the beasts we hunt, foiling their foul technological equipment.

There, my cubs. Now you know the secrets of our pack. Guard this knowledge well, and use it in the service of Gaia Use these lessons wisely, and travel with Gaia's blessing.

Deck Notes:

The deck is designed to support the Pack theme. It makes use of a fair number of Gifts. It is also designed to go thru the decks (both Combat and Sept) rapidly, allowing you a wide range of choices. The deck may be most remarkable in what it does not have in it - no Mangles, no Sneak Attacks, and no big garou.
Characters Sept Deck Combat Deck
Fireclaw Avahuasca x2 Bitch Slap
Old Storm Chaser Dreamspeaker Mage Bite x2
Growls at Moon Wolf-Spirit x3 Lucky Blow x2
Amari Howls-from-Soul Caern of the Weeping Daughter x2 Off-Balanced Attack
Frenar Elder Vampire Over-Extended Attack x2
Nexus Crawler Reckless Swing x2
Pentex Refinery Surprise Attack x2
Samuel Haight Stinging Wound
Sower-of-Thunder Telling Blow x2
Mantle of El Dorado Attacking the Wyrm X2
Visit from White Father x3 Battle Fervor x2
Beastmind x2 Frenzy x2
Catfeet x3 Hunting Party x2
Gaia's Vengeance Pack Defense x2
Scream of Gaia x2
Trackless Waste x3
True Fear x3
Kinfolk Den
Serene Wilderness x2
When attacking enemies, use pack attacks such as Hunting party and Attacking the Wyrm. Defend likewise with Pack Defense. All the combat cards are low-rage, high-damage, and it is uncommon for this pack to enter Crinos at all. It certainly is not necessary, since with Amari, even Frenar can Bite for 3 points of damage.

Use gifts such as True Fear or Scream of Gaia to prevent the target(s) from playing combat cards. Attack with as many as possible, using Wolf-Spirits to augment your numbers. Use Gaia's Vengeance as a last resort, as it is easily canceled; use it as a last strike if you need to. Old Storm Chaser can easily kill a Nexus Crawler with a Bite and Gaia's Vengeance, but it is much easier to kill it with a Surprise attack, 2 Bites, and a couple of Lucky Blows.

Avoid attacking things that can frenzy; attacking other Garou is a bad idea. Frenzy yourself only to get enough cards in your hand to kill a foe. Battle Fervor works much better in a pack deck, and it has the added benefit of giving two attacks. The biggest weakness of this deck is facing a Wyrm character who goes into a Gang-Beating Frenzy. When facing such a frenzied opponent, drop them into a snowbank with Trackless Waste, or use Catfeet to avoid almost anything he throws at you.

With a little practice, you will be able to bring down a Nexus Crawler or a Pentex Refinery without taking a point of damage at all.

Howl Loudly and Rage Often!