Character Combos

The first in the Apocalypse Combo Series! This month, we look at a few strong Character-based combos. There are quite a few potent combinations that certain characters seem to yield themselves to. Clever tricks are always good for a nasty surprise.

Julisha + Manling Pendant + New Moon: I can frenzy and you can't. Since Julisha is a Ragabash, she gains +1 Gnosis from the New Moon. The New Moon prevents shapeshifters from frenzying, but the Manling Pendant lets her express her ferocious self anyway - as long as she attacks a male.

Tracker-by-Moonlight + Knife Wind: Tag and bag them. Tracker can automatically attack any wounded target. But how to wound that annoying support character? How about a nice point of damage from a Knife Wind from a Wendigo tribemate.

Markus Rage-like-Fire + Legendary Leadership: Take away your kill and give me 9VP. Markus' ability gives him the highest renown Moot in the game (at 9), and in a multiplayer game, you can easily get a third person to vote with you to deny someone else a big kill. Follow it up with Legendary Leadership for a quick 9VP of your own. In case you might run into some opposition, don't forget Quoting the Litany.

Fireclaw + Catfeet: Add insult to injury - You can't hit me, and have some aggravated damage. Fireclaw's Rage 1 and 2 combat cards are aggravated. Catfeet only allows you to play Rage 1 combat cards, but dodges everything thrown at you. Load the combat deck with all the Rage 1 Damage 2 cards, and go to town.

Zachary Ellison + Thunder's Gauntlet + Insightful Eyes: Kills opposing characters dead. Outfit Zach with the Gauntlet and Insightful Eyes. Then pick the biggest character, and blast him. Follow up with an undodgeable Telling Blow for +3 VP, or perhaps make it totally unblockable and undodgeable with an Ear Lober. Other options include a Pipe Bomb (use the gauntlet first), or a Knife Wind.

Spotlight on Gesar

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