Card Spotlight: Gesar

Gesar is a 5-renown Homid Ragabash Stargazer from the base set. When you pick out characters, Gesar is rarely the first (or second) you might choose for your pack. After all, his Crinos Rage (4) is not particularly potent, and if you use him as an alpha, he is a bit tardy, taking his action as if he had a renown of 2.

Gesar's primary strength is his extraordinary gnosis, letting him cast a number of potent gifts as a support character. Steal your opponent's prize fetishes with Sticky Paws and Whelp Body their alpha when they come looking for revenge. If that's not enough, Gesar can provide his own alpha with a Moon Bridge Escape to get away from a combat that's taken a nasty turn. From his teachings as a Stargazer, Gesar can use Wisdom of the Seer to look at an opponent's Sept hand, and he also knows the fine art of Distractions. Ragabash and Stargazer gifts tend to be some of the more potent gifts in the game, and Gesar can use them all.

When the time comes and the opposing alpha decides Gesar is too much of a pain, and attacks him, Catfeet or Merciful Blow generally ensure Gesar gets away. Swift Reconnaisance or Circular Attack could make attacking him problematic. Insightful Eyes is also a valuable addition - preventing dodges from being effective. Gesar can easily accompany your alpha (as a Surprise Ally) and throw that undodgeable Surprise Attack.

Gesar even finds his way into Moot decks. Persuasion is simple for him to cast, but even better is the Ultimate Argument of Logic (which seems perfect for a Ragabash Stargazer to use). Gesar can even Praise the Malformed, to get the Metis voting his way. For maximum fun, have Gesar call a Jackal's Curse on Mamu's fresh kill, then talk the dim-witted ahroun into voting with you (with the Ultimate Argument).

Gesar's apparent drawback can also be an advantage. After all, there are times when its good to be the last alpha to take action. In games where a lot of enemies hit the table, there should always be something to attack - even if its an alpha who got wounded killing the Progenitor Mage.

Stargazer wisdom, Ragabash wit, and powerful gifts. Gesar is definitely one of the best renown-5 characters in the game.