Shadow Raiders Adventures

These pages are devoted to converting the fascinating worlds and peoples of Shadow Raiders to the d20 system, for use either as an independent game or as a supplement to existing Sci-Fi RPGs.

In these pages, a great deal of lore about the show has been collected. There is also some material that is suppositional, and added to present a consistent reality for the series (which did have a number of inconsistencies). If game-masters wish to alter or ignore these elements, that is fine.

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Throughout these pages, the Star Wars RPG is used as the primary basis for conversion. However, use of elements from other games is included, and it is intended that this will work just as well with the Farscape d20 RPG, or any other Sci-Fi RPG.

Time Periods

Game Masters can set adventures in any of four eras associated with the show. The characters and tone of the game will depend on the time period.

Pre-Beast Planet

The worlds of the cluster are continuously raiding each other. Planet Tek, Jungle, Sand, and Water are unknown. Remora is totally uninhabited.

Players may play characters from the same planet with ease. Characters from different planets have no reason to work together for very long, and certainly do not trust one another. The way of life is unquestioned, and a continuous state of warring and raiding is all the inhabitants know.

Characters from the unknown systems (particularly Tek) may appear as explorers or scouts. They would be exceedingly rare though.

Season 1

The threat of the Beast becomes clear. Water and Tek have been destroyed. An alliance between Ice, Fire, and Bone has been created, but there is still distrust among the various races. Rock still stands apart, stubbornly confident in the strength of its Battle Moons. However, even Rock has relaxed its guard against the other worlds, allowing visitors (under close scrutiny).

Beast Drones are a constant threat. Appearing from nowhere (actually from the hidden base on Remora), a wave of Beast Drones will frequently attack one planet or another, led by Blokk. Lamprey is also active, trying to break the alliance through various schemes. The Alliance is looking for the location of the Beast's base of operations in the cluster, and trying to respond to attacks.

Players can be from any of the planets of the cluster, although inhabitants of Rock will have to answer to Lord Mantel. They can be involved in the skirmishes with the drones, the search for the Beast's base, or even scouting for the possible approach of the Beast Planet.

Season 2

Fire has been destroyed by the Beast, and its inhabitants have settled on Rock's three remaining Battle Moons. The remaining worlds are flying through space, using their world engines. Sand joins the alliance. Jungle is also destroyed by the Beast. Rock is much more cooperative during these times, although Mantel is scheming to take over the Alliance.

Near the end of the second season, Graveheart, Cryos, Jade and Femur landed/crashed on the Prison Planet, which subsequently disappeared. They are missing for several weeks. The Beast Planet approaches as the planets slow to carry on the search.

Players once again may play any member of the Alliance, as well as Rock. The Sandpeople and Sunpeople of Planet Sand are now among the available races.

After the Show

This era is characterized by the planets settling down from their swift flight, entering orbit around a new sun. Rock, under the leadership of Jade, has finally joined the alliance. The worlds are also still on guard against the Beast Planet. At the same time, other issues begin to develop.

The natural resources of Fire are needed by the alliance, since the worlds were interdependent. Perhaps the inhabitants of Fire take to harvesting from the new sun for energy. Perhaps by examining the World Engines, the players may discover that a world's ecosystem may be converted (after all, the worlds are artificial - maybe Remora was a "spare" world, to be used if needed), and that there may be hope of altering another uninhabited world to support the Fire ecosystem. Also, Emperor Femur will wish to find a planet to start a new Planet Jungle with the small sprout he was entrusted with. When Zuma scanned the nearby cosmos for Graveheart and the others, a system of three planets (one of which resembled Bone, and two resembling Remora) and several moons was briefly seen. Might these worlds be usable by the Alliance?

There are a number of other elements which will need to be addressed now that the worlds have settled down. The Sun People will need gentle help to adapt to their new role as one among equals. On Bone, there will be some period of adjustment now that Sternum has returned. Lamprey is still unaccounted for, and possibly lurking around the worlds of the Alliance. Finally, the PCs may need to interact with Jewelia or others from her (unrevealed) world, or any survivors of Reptizar.

Another plot element is of course the Beast Planet itself. Eventually, it will return, and the Prison Planet will not be available to help the worlds. At the same time, the Alliance may learn that the Beast Drones do not destroy those people they have blasted, but sent them into another dimension within the Beast. So perhaps the consumed planets may be recovered - at least the physical records of them can be - as can some of the people.

Once the Beast is eventually defeated, if planets can be recovered, there may be a great number of worlds now available for PCs to hail from. New Fire (or reconstructed Fire) and New Jungle will be added to the system; perhaps even Tek and Water (and Reptizar, a world briefly shown at the end of the series), if they can be recovered from the Beast. The teleport engines of the Prison Planet and other technology from the ancients may be investigated, and there may also be discoveries about the nature of the Beast Planet, and Null-matter. The possibilities are endless.

Plot Synopsis

  1. Behold The Beast: The Beast Planet has consumed Planet Tek. Tekla escapes to warn the Beast's next target, the planet cluster. She crash-lands on Ice, where a confrontation between Ice and Rock is taking place. Beast Drones attack both forces, destroying all but Graveheart, Cryos and Tekla. Tekla convinces Graveheart and Cryos to unite their worlds against the Beast.
  2. On The Rocks: Graveheart tries to convince Lord Mantel of the threat of the Beast Planet, but Mantel has Graveheart jailed for treason. When the Beast Drones attack, Jade realizes that Graveheart is telling the truth, and releases him. Graveheart helps to defend Rock, but Mantel is still unconvinced, and exiles Graveheart.
  3. Born in Fire: Graveheart and King Cryos try to get Planet Fire to join the Alliance, but the Vizier forces them to undergo a Trial of Fire. Meanwhile Zera confronts Pyrus; they see the approach of the Beast Drones, and foil the attack. When Graveheart and Cryos succeed in their test, Pyrus joins the Alliance.
  4. Bad to the Bone: Traveling to Bone, Cryos, Pyrus and Graveheart meet Femur - and find that Lamprey is also visiting Bone to try to convince Femur to ally with the Beast. Lamprey has constructed a Shield Generator as a token of her esteem. It actually leeches the life from nearby beings, and Femur realizes he's been double-crossed. With his help, the others are able to destroy the generator.
  5. Wolf in the Fold: Lamprey enters Tekla's mind, and attempts to sabotage the Alliance. After failing to assassinate Graveheart, she convinces Femur that the others of the Alliance want to kill him. Femur flees with Tekla/Lamprey on board.
  6. Mind War: The others, pursuing Femur and Tekla/Lamprey, are able to cripple the Clavicle and board her. Tekla/Lamprey is captured, and Tekla fights Lamprey for control of her body. She is successful, and at the same time is able to learn information about the Beast Planet and their own worlds.
  7. J'Accuse: On a visit to Fire, Jade gets into an argument with a Fire citizen. After she threatens him, the man is found dead, shot by a Rock blaster. Jade is jailed on murder charges, and Graveheart and Pyrus have to prove her innocence. When they find her blaster, they discover that it had been used by a Beast Planet minion - Lamprey. After foiling Lamprey's attempted assassination, they release Jade.
  8. Blood is Thicker ...: Lady Zera's ship returns empty, with Beast Drone containment units. The Beast Drones attack Ice's forces. Meanwhile Blokk issues an ultimatum to Cryos, with Zera as a hostage. Cryos and Jade rescue Zera, while Graveheart helps fight off the Beast Drones. Cryos abdicates when he returns, believing he has failed his people.
  9. Rock and Ruin: Jade, Tekla, Pyrus and Femur visit Bone to try to convince Mantel to join the Alliance. While they are at an impasse, Femur convinces Tekla to help him steal Rock's Battlemoons. Once the Battlemoons are gone, the Beast Drones attack Rock; meanwhile Graveheart attacks the Battlemoon. After wresting control from Femur, Graveheart returns to use the moons' awesome power against the Beast fleet.
  10. Against All Odds: Pyrus and Zera crash-land on Remora after being shot down by Drones. After searching for repair materials, they discover the Beast has created a base on Remora. After foiling Blokk, stealing parts and evading capture, they are able to escape and inform the Alliance about the activity on Remora.
  11. Uneasy Hangs the Head: On the eve of the offensive against Remora, Graveheart resigns leadership of the Alliance. Wracked by guilt and doubt over his brother's death, Graveheart resists everyone's attempts to talk sense into him until Jade confronts him angrily. He accepts his role, and rallies the troops.
  12. Ragnarok: Part One: Cryos' people return his crown to him. The Alliance attacks Remora; the tide of battle goes well until Remora's crust is pulled away, revealing the awesome engine of destruction that has been constructed within the planet.
  13. Ragnarok: Part Two: Trying to rally against the revealed Remora, the Alliance fares poorly. Femur flees with the forces of Bone, and the rest of the Alliance takes heavy casualties. All seems lost until Rock's Battlemoons, under Jade's command, show up. Their firepower helps destroy Remora. Yet before they even have time to celebrate, the Beast Planet itself shows up, emerging from the sun.
  14. Worlds Within Worlds: The Beast Planet attacks the Alliance, causing more casualties. Meanwhile on Bone, Femur finds that he has made a mistake in fleeing; the Bone Warriors feel dishonored. Tekla discovers the World Engines just in time to save Ice from a null-matter cannon blast.
  15. This is the Way the World Ends: Rock, Ice and Bone have started to move with their World Engines. Fire's engines have been sabotaged by Beast Drones, and the Alliance has to evacuate the people of Fire to Rock's Battlemoons. Despite their best efforts, the Alliance is unable to save Fire, and the Vizier angrily sends everyone away. He activates the engines, ramming the World Claw and the Beast Planet.
  16. Period of Adjustment: With Bone out of the Alliance, its source of foodstuffs is not available to the peoples of the other worlds. Meanwhile, Femur finds the warriors are ready to support Pelvus unless he is able to rejoin the Alliance. After failed attempts at diplomacy, Femur apologizes to Pyrus and donates food to the other planets, and the others relent.
  17. Blaze of Glory: Captain Blaze takes over one of the Battlemoons, and uses it to attack the Beast fleet. Pyrus, along with the Rock fleet, chase after them, but are surrounded by Beast Drones. Realizing his true loyalty, Blaze returns to help save his prince.
  18. Sandstorm: Encountering Planet Sand, the Alliance tries to get the Sun People to join the Alliance. Ramset is unconvinced until the Beast ships attack. Zera realizes there is more to Zuma than she shows, and discovers the Sand People's sentience and telepathic abilities. Once Planet Sand is saved, Zuma is welcomed to the Alliance as representative of Planet Sand.
  19. Girls Night Out: After a great deal of tension, Jade, Zera, Zuma, Tekla, and Pelvus visit the Moon Over Mayhem to relax. Lamprey spots Tekla and vows revenge. Meanwhile, a brawl breaks out with some Fire soldiers, and the Beast Drones attack. The bar is wrecked again, and Lamprey is apparently buried under a pile of rubble.
  20. Timebomb: The Alliance discovers Planet Jungle. Not aware of the sentient nature of the planet, the Alliance plans to use it as a timebomb against the Beast. The Jungle is aware, but the World Engines are not functional. The plants of Jungle allow their planet to be used as a bomb, and give Femur a cutting to regrow the planet elsewhere.
  21. Ember of the Past: Fleeing the Beast, the Alliance spots what appears to be Planet Fire. Mantel starts sending Fire's people back to the planet, but Pyrus and Tekla discover that the planet is actually a construct of Null-matter, and a tool of the Beast. The people of Fire are saved, and Pyrus has to say goodbye to his world a second time.
  22. Divided We Stand: The Alliance encounters a planetoid. Graveheart, Cryos, Femur and Jade crash on the planet in two separate ships, to find out it is the remnants of the Prison Planet. Sternum activates the Teleport Engines and the planetoid vanishes from the Alliance.
  23. No Iron Bars a Cage: Caught in the middle of the conflict between Jewelia and Sternum, Graveheart attempts to discover the fate of Jade and Femur. Femur finds Sternum is still holding a grudge, and Sternum reveals that he led the prisoners in a revolt for freedom. Meanwhile, Mantel uses access codes he acquired from Jade to take control of the Alliance Fleet in a bid for control of the Alliance.
  24. Death of a King: Now in control of the Alliance forces, Mantel sends the Battlemoons against the Beast Planet. The Beast Armada responds by attacking Rock relentlessly, and Blokk slays Mantel in single combat. Meanwhile on the Prison Planet, Graveheart confronts Sternum.
  25. The Long Road Home: After realizing that Sternum is not his enemy, Graveheart helps Sternum defeat Jewelia and rescue Jade. Aided by Zuma's telepathy, they are able to use the Teleport Engines to return to the Alliance worlds, just in time to see the Beast bearing down on Rock. After teleporting with the others to Rock's surface, Sternum activates the Prison Planet's teleport engines to teleport it and the Beast Planet far away.
  26. Ascension: Jade is confronted about her role in betraying the Alliance to Mantel. Meanwhile, Blokk attacks Rock's citizens, ultimately taking control of Rock's world engines and sending it toward the Sun. While Jade undergoes a test to determine her fitness to rule Rock, Graveheart defeats Blokk in single combat, and Rock is saved.

A third season was planned but never produced.

Adventure Hooks

Introductory Adventure: Lava Dogs on the Loose

As Fire was about to be consumed, its inhabitants gathered any elements of their homeland that they could, to preserve as much as possible. One individual, named Torch, gathered a few immature Lava Dogs in cages, hoping to preserve the species. Now, they've escaped, and are running around inside one of the Battlemoons, causing havoc. The players are asked to help track them down and cage them, without permanently harming the Lava Dogs.

Gamemasters can make this adventure suitable for lower level characters by making the Lava Dogs immature, or tougher by adding more of them. Maps of the Battlemoon's internal corridors will be needed, as well as some facilities for the troops. Perhaps the Lava Dogs might wander into the newly-reopened Moon Over Mayhem bar, much to Slate's dismay.

Adventure Setting: the Prison Planet

The Prison Planet also provides an interesting setting for adventures. Since the prisoners escaped, they have broken into separate bands. Before the end of the show, Sternum and Jewelia fought over control of the Prison Planet, and prisoners from the different worlds fought alongside each other regardless of their planet of origin.

Since it can teleport around space, the Prison Planet provides a good means of instantly dropping the races from Shadow Raiders into another campaign. Players can try to learn of the technology of the ancients, or simply try to escape the planet. Since the prison planet's population consists primarily of prisoners and exiles, each player should create a character that was sent to the planet for some serious crime (whether or not they were actually guilty of the crime).

Campaign: Reptizar's Refugees

Set immediately after the end of the show - refugees from Reptizar arrive in the new Planet Cluster. They have fled their homeworld after its destruction, and are seeking a new home (and looking for a way to fight the Beast).

How will they react to the worlds of the Planet Cluster? Will they be glad to find a group of planets that can fight the Beast? Will they be angered that the information that could have saved their world (namely, the World Engines) was not revealed to them? How will they react when they find that the Planet Cluster had the Beast Planet teleported away, possibly into their own system?

This can also be expanded somewhat. As the Beast continues its predations, survivors from other planets arrive in the Planet Cluster. They have heard that the Alliance was able to fight off the Beast, and either want to find a safe place to live, or find weapons for vengeance against the Beast. As this continues, the Planet Cluster will face a serious refugee crisis. Meanwhile, the Beast Planet's minions hear of the valiant cluster, and its current location.

Campaign: The Lore of the Ancients

The purpose and role of the Ancients in Shadow Raiders is something of a mystery. The various worlds are obviously artificial; why they were constructed is definitely something a gamemaster can explore. Since each planet was designed to support a single ecosystem, and had quite varied flora/fauna within that ecosystem, perhaps the worlds were created as sort of a haven for the various ecologies.

The Ancients obviously possessed vastly superior technology. They had mastered artificial gravity, fusion (probably what drives the World Engines), teleportation, inertial dampers and force screens, not to mention engineering on a massive, planetary scale. They probably also had genetic engineering capabilities, since few naturally-occurring species would be able to live on Fire, or actually continuously burn.

Why was the Beast Planet constructed? Was it built by an enemy race opposing the Ancients? Or by the Ancients themselves, to "clean up" after they were finished with an experiment. Had the Beast Planet simply gotten out of control, or was it performing as expected? Was it testing the resourcefulness of the Ancients' creations? When people are blasted or contacted by the null-matter of the Beast minions, they are forcibly shoved into another dimension - one inside the Beast Planet itself. What is the nature of this dimension? What happens to the people inside (and for that matter, the worlds that the Beast consumes)? Can the consumed planets (and peoples) be recovered or reconstructed?

Adding the Worlds to a Star Wars (or other) Sci-Fi RPG

In most SF RPGs, there are areas of unexplored space. The planets of the cluster should be located within these spaces, as would the Beast Planet's path of predation. Assume the events of the show have already occurred, and the inhabitants of the cluster worlds are either scouting for the Beast Planet or have already defeated it when they encounter other races and cultures.

Characters from other worlds may hear rumors of (or actually witness) the predations of the Beast Planet, and send teams to investigate. Optionally, the inhabitants of the cluster worlds may be scouting for signs of the Beast Planet, planets to colonize (particularly the inhabitants of Fire), or simply exploring.