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Current and Previous Work

If you are a cutting-edge company looking for top technical talent, I am always willing to entertain reasonable offers or inquiries. For my official current resume, click here


Web-based Information Visualization (PDF)
R. Rohrer and E. Swing, "Web-based Information Visualization", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 17, No. 4, July/August 1997, pp. 52-59.
Visualization of a Network Traffic Monitoring System
Paper presented at the IEEE Visualization '97 Conference, in Phoenix, AZ, as a Hot Topics paper. A Web-page which accompanies the paper was distributed on CDROM. Author: Ed Swing.
Flodar: Flow Visualization of Network Traffic (HTML)
E. Swing, "Flodar: Flow Visualization of Network Traffic", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 18, No. 5, Sept/Oct 1998
Adding Immersion to Collaborative Tools (HTML) (PDF)
E. Swing, "Adding Immersion to Collaborative Tools", Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, pp. 63-68, ACM, 2000. The Presentation Slides are also available.
Prajna: a Novel Architecture for Developing Applications for Knowledge Representation (PDF)
E. Swing, "Prajna: a Novel Architecture for Developing Applications for Knowledge Representation", Knowledge Assisted Visualization Workshop, IEEE Visualization Conference 2008. PowerPoint Slides for the presentation are also available.
Solving the Cell Phone Calls Challenge with the Prajna Project (PDF)
E. Swing, "Solving the Cell Phone Calls Challenge with the Prajna Project", Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology, 2008. This challenge entry won an award for Effective Toolkit Integration in the 2008 VAST Challenge.

Biographical Information

I am currently employed by Vision Systems & Technology, Inc., a small government services company. Previously, I spent sixteen years working for the National Security Agency as a Senior Computer Scientist, then moved on to several small technology companies serving the intelligence sector. I have developed numerous applications and prototypes in the fields of geographic systems, computer graphics, information visualization, and collaborative technologies. I received BA degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Rice University in 1986, and an MS from Johns-Hopkins University in 1989.

Other Interests

Role-Playing Games, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Anime, Collectible Card Games.

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