This page introduces the CVW3D client. It is being offered to CVW users who would like to experiment with alternate interfaces into the CVW environment.

The CVW3D client operates with the standard CVW server. There is no difference as far as the CVW environment goes - other people cannot tell the difference when you connect with CVW3D instead of the normal CVW client.

This work was presented at the Web3d/VRML 2000 conference in Monterey, CA. The text of the paper and the presentation slides are available.

Required Software

CVW3D uses VRML and Java within a Web browser to run. Because of this, you will need a VRML browser which supports the External Authoring Interface (sorry - none available for the Suns yet). CosmoPlayer 2.1 is available for SGI, Windows and MacIntosh computers. Install this as a plugin with your web browser.

You will also need Java 1.1.X or better. Check with your system administrator to make sure you have an appropriate version of Java.

The software has been tested only on Netscape, and not Internet Explorer. The developers would like to know how the software operates on IE. If you try running this software with IE, please email the developers and let them know how CVW3D operates.

To test if all of the components are working properly, follow this link to some EAI test applets. Once everything is ready, you can enter the CVW3D environment here!

We are working on a Java3D version for Sun users too. Keep watching this space for details

Operating CVW3D

Interacting with CVW3D is a little different than the normal CVW client. First of all, you're inside virtual 3D rooms. You might wish to experiment with navigating around before logging in. Moving the mouse (with the button down) will move you around the rooms. There are a few other tricks to the navigation too - you can jump to any of the rooms by selecting the appropriate viewpoint (in the lower left corner of the navigation area).

You will be initially presented with a login display. Enter your userid and password as normal. This will connect you to the VinCE Building. There may be a warning about Client-Server version mismatches - ignore that. Select the Room button, and you'll see the standard scrollback from the CVW client in the lower part of your browser.

When you enter a room, all of the users and documents will be placed in the room. All of the documents will be along one of the walls, and the users will be randomly located around the room. If you click on either a user or a document, it will bring up the relevant information panel for that item. Within the User panel, you can speak or emote to the current user you've selected. From the Item panel, you can open the item for display, or add it to your Carry folder.

To display your Carry folder, select Display. The toggle button tells CVW3D whether to display the contents of your Carry folder. If displayed, they will appear in a Heads-Up-Display style, always directly in front of you at the lower edge of the 3D screen.


CVW3D is a work in progress. It is being provided so you have a chance to experiment and comment on it. It does not support all of the full CVW3D functionality yet. In particular, it does not support the following:

There are a number of other features also not yet supported. These are all being worked on.

If you cannot run CVW3D, but would like to see it operate anyway, feel free to contact the CWEF to arrange a demo.

Comments? Feel free to contact the developers.

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