The Prajna Project

The Prajna project is a collection of tools and utility classes designed to provide a greater understanding of data and information. While many tools focus on gathering information and presenting it to users, there is less emphasis on deriving a true understanding of the data and gleaning additional information from it.

The Prajna project provides several primary functions. There are classes for visualization, which provide a variety of displays for various types of data. The geographic classes provide common geographic functions, such as map displays, projections, and geographic filtering. The most extensive group of classes are the semantic classes. These classes are designed to provide different, powerful representations of data from various sources, enabling the development of tools and applications that can access a variety of data sources.

The Prajna project consists a main project, which contains the core classes and several implementations. It also includes several software bridges, each of which links Prajna to a commercial or another open source project.

Prajna is available at Sourceforge. Demonstrations and example applications of Prajna are available in a separate download.


Publications and Awards

Prajna was presented at the IEEE Visualization Conference 2008, as part of the Knowledge Assisted Visualization workshop. It was also used in contest entries for the VAST 2008 Challenge, and the Cell Phone Mini-Challenge entry won an award for Effective Toolkit Integration.