Worlds in Wildspace

The Spelljammer setting offers GMs a lot of room for creativity. A great many GMs (including myself) have risen to the challenge and created worlds and Crystal spheres for exploration and adventures. Below is a list and short description of some of the varieties of worlds and spheres I have created.

Game Utilities

I have created a utility for editing and mapping out crystal spheres. The SystemMaker is downloadable as a Java jar file (with some supporting scripts), available HERE. Check out the user guide too.


My primary sphere, and one that I place my primary campaign world on. The following are the planets/suns/moons of Gatespace:

Hasaril the Sun, at the center of the sphere.
Wegrya Warm water world
Belagin Gas Giant, with rising continents and various tribes of creatures
Phaeris small red fire-world (sun/star)
Moons: Vostyl - a small volcanic moon with its own fire ring
Dauveron Earth-planet with very rough mountainous terrain.
Ganae My primary campaign world
Moons: Alinah, Gloran, Herlom, Vensuri
The Braid asteroid belt
Lindrac (the Block) apparently a barren voidworld, large and shaped like a cube
Moon: Cordaji
Krensar (the Diamond Nebula) Stationary air-body with wild-magic effects
Moons: Bytsegai, Chendryl, Fascar, Nempeh, Phimogo, Quassim, Shahag, Velamos
Aeslir Small disc-shaped Ice world
Moons: Falagos (asteroid cluster)
The Strinads (the Dancers) Cluster of fire bodies in wandering vertical orbit

In addition to its numerous worlds, Gatespace has five small spheres which orbit around it. These spheres are all the same size (1040 million miles in diameter), and indistinguishable to a casual observer approaching from outside the sphere. They make a full revolution around Gatespace once every 10 standard years. The spheres are 2 days outside of Gatespace, though travellers can easily bypass the satellites to reach Gatespace directly. These spheres, in clockwise order, are Splitspace, Windyspace, Chitinspace, Chromaspace, and Shamblespace. In addition, I have included some developer's notes too.

Nearby Spheres

The Gatespace cluster lies on a two-way river that leads to Pirtelspace. Beyond Gatespace lie other spheres. Astralspace is a dangerous sphere, full of danger and wonder. The next sphere along the flow river is Gossamerspace, a small idyllic sphere where reigar come to create. More spheres lie beyond Gossamerspace.

On an intermittent river flowing to and from Gossamerspace lies Cradlespace, home of a large number of novel races and cultures. These races have just started spelljamming, and are taking tentative steps into the flow.

The Refuge Project

Started by several subscribers to AOL, the Refuge Project sought to define and elaborate on the Crystal Sphere of Refuge. Refuge is a small, Arcane-dominated sphere featured in Dragon #159 and Dungeon #??. Different people worked on different components of this space, so there are pieces at different stages of completion. A Map of the Sphere was created by one of the other collaborators.

Components of Refuge-space:

I am currently seeking the other individuals who contributed to this project. Please email me.

Other Crystal Spheres

Worlds of the Iron Sun is my entry for a Crystal Spheres contest sponsored by Battlefield Press. Following the text of the actual submission, I will be adding material specific to Spelljammer (and perhaps other games as I get the time).

Octorspace and Thuriaspace are two crystal spheres featured in a spelljamming campaign I am playing in. The Octoreans control their space and are beginning to expand into Thuriaspace. Meanwhile, a small moon is trying to assert its independence. What started as a simple arms-smuggling operation landed our characters in the middle of a quest to reunite the seven holy relics of Octor! (gamemastered by Brian Higbee)

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