Shamblespace is one of the five satellite spheres of Gatespace . Shamblespace seems to have been the site of a colossal conflict between beholder nations. Most of the sphere is dominated by a tremendous asteroid field. The sun and sole planet are the only remaining planetary bodies of any size. Beholders and beholderkin of all varieties are the most common life in this sphere, though the asteroids are home to wide varieties of creatures.

The location of the primary in Shamblespace is empty - the worlds orbit a vacant point. The sun orbits tightly around the central point.


Type F spherical fire world. Distance from center of sphere: 20 million miles

The Lagan Zone

Asteroid belt of earth bodies. Distance from center of sphere ranges from 100 million to 200 million miles

Most other asteroid belts are thin in comparison to their diameter. Even the Grinder of Greyspace is only a few thousand miles thick. In contrast, the Lagan Zone is 100 million miles thick, and just as high, giving the asteroid field the shape of a colossal donut. The field is relatively sparse, so ships can generally navigate through it with comparative ease. The largest bodies of the belt are type C.

There are numerous beholder nations that maintain forces in this sphere - at least seven major nations have large territories within the Lagan Zone. While beholders and beholderkin are the most common creatures of the Lagan Zone, many other opportunistic races such as neogi are also present in large numbers. Like other asteroid fields, the vastness of the Lagan zone makes it ideal for hiding from others.


Type F spherical water world. Distance from center of sphere: 260 million miles

Suithine is a cool spherical water world. It has an abundant atmosphere and rich aquatic life. The world has a small rocky core, which is a conglomeration of irregular rocks, probably from the Lagan zone. Other rocks float at various depths, though none of them float on the surface. Some of the rocks have abundant plant life, and a few of the plants have even started to pull clusters of rocks together into tighter chunks.

Suithine was originally inhabited by kopru, and they still have a presence on the world. However, it is now dominated by Eyes of the Deep and other aquatic beholderkin, who are allied with the various beholder nations. Three of the seven major beholder nations in the sphere have significant holdings on Suithine. In addition to the persistent racial conflicts, the beholderkin harvest the resources of Suithine for provisions and materials.

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