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The Universe of Shadow Raiders

Before the coming of the Beast Planet, there were several systems which had little or no contact with each other. The system simply known as the Planet Cluster had the planets of Bone, Fire, Ice, Rock and (lifeless) Remora. Another planetary cluster was home to Tek and Water (and other worlds). Sand and Jungle were each singleton worlds - the only world around their sun.

Planets within the Planet Cluster are interdependent. They each need materials from each other to survive. Before the coming of the Beast Planet, the worlds raided each other for their materials, extracting needed ice (for water), minerals, food, or energy. Once the Beast Planet's drones attack, the planets realize their only chance for survival is through cooperation rather than conflict.

All of the known planets were artificially created by a mysterious ancient race. The Beast Planet may have also been created by this race, or by their foes - that much is unrevealed. The artificial nature of the worlds are not initially known by their inhabitants, who have lost a great deal of the lore of their worlds. It is possible that the various races were seeded by the ancients on each world.

Each of the worlds are the same size, except for the Beast Planet (which is about five times the the diameter of the other worlds).

World Engines

Each world has a set of World Engines, which can propel the world through space. When the world engines are activated, an Atmospheric Integrity Field activates to hold the atmosphere and ecosystem intact, completely surrounding the planet. This screen does not block ships (or other objects) from entering or leaving the atmosphere. A Gravity Matrix also activates to prevent the sudden acceleration from ripping the world apart, and prevent disorientation from the entire world's movements. The Integrity Field also protects the worlds' ecosystems in other ways - heat from the World Engines is channeled to keep the planet a tolerable temperature, and they also provide some ambient light. The light level resembles the brightness around sundown (without any other luminaries nearby).

When activated, the World Engines emerge from the surface of the world (there are 5, in a cross-pattern) in the direction of motion. They are (probably) fusion-driven, and can accelerate the planets to high speeds (travel time between stars is a matter of weeks or months, not years or decades).

The world engines are controlled from a circular Control Chamber beneath the surface of the world. This chamber is normally accessed by a teleport pad, known as a telepod, found on or slightly below the surface. Any creature entering the teleport pad and remaining there for a round is immediately teleported to the control chamber. There are probably multiple telepods and control chambers on each planet. The Control Chambers are also not at the center of the world, but near the surface (either that, or Zera is an awfully fast runner in Sandstorm); a Master control chamber lies at the center of the world.

The telepods were contructed on the surface of each world, at ground level. Of course, during the millenia, the telepods of the various worlds may have been hidden - for instance, buried by glacial movements on Ice, or volcanic rock on Fire. Rock's telepod was avoided because it was at ground level, and the peoples of Rock lived on the high peaks to avoid the strong winds.

Each control chamber is dominated by a computer. This computer has external sensors able to detect planetary danger, but cannot react without someone providing instructions. The control chamber itself is typically housed in a great spherical vault of about a mile radius beneath the surface. The control chamber is suspended (by artificial gravity) in the exact center of the vault.

Other functions of the world computer are unknown at this time. Obviously, the world has some form of climate control (so that the temperatures of the various worlds are kept "normal" during their flight through space), and sensing planetary danger (such as an incoming null-matter blast).

The Planets


Planetary Data
System: None
Ruler: Unknown, possibly Voyd
Other notable inhabitants: Blokk, Lamprey
Chief Export: Beast Drones

The Beast Planet is the foe of all other worlds in the series. To most worlds, the Beast Planet is only a myth used to frighten children. Unfortunately, it is very real - an indestructible juggernaut of a planet with an endless appetite for destruction. It consumes planets and peoples relentlessly. It sends out drones and commanders in advance to scout the next target cluster while the Beast Planet itself prepares to attack.

Physically, the Beast Planet appears to be a colossal construct, about twice the diameter of the other worlds. It is hollow, and is able to grab and pull entire worlds inside of it with its gigantic World Claw. It also has tremendous cannons which emerge from the side of the planet; these cannons are able to accurately fire across great distances, easily destroying moons (such as Rock's Battle Moons), and seriously damaging planets. The Beast Planet is not even affected by the heat of a sun.

The World Claw is the final and worldly devastating weapon of the Beast Planet. Emerging from a huge circular opening leading to the interior of the Beast Planet, its three-pincered grip grasps the helpless planet to draw it inside. Once inside, the planet is savagely pulled apart and consumed, converted to null matter. While the World Claw is said to be "denser than a million black holes", this is obviously hyperbole; however, it is likely that the World Claw (and the Beast Planet itself) may be primarily composed of neutronium (degenerate matter which has been compressed until no space exists within atoms).

In addition to the World Claw, the Beast Planet also can deploy eight weapons platforms. Each the size of a large continent, the weapons platforms emerge from the surface of the Beast Planet to present a set of immense null-cannons a thousand miles across at the barrel, and a Drone Fighter bay. These are used to obliterate enemies; the cannons are never used against worlds (although they could easily destroy such worlds), so the Beast Planet obviously prefers to consume planets intact.

The Beast Planet records the physical characteristics of the worlds and people it consumes. This data can be used to replicate the world from null matter. Such a replica is unstable, and still primarily composed of null matter beneath the surface. Whether this means that a world and its people could eventually be reconverted to normal matter and reclaimed from the Beast is unknown.

It may be that the Beast Planet was constructed by the same ancient race that created the other worlds, or it could have been built by an enemy of that race. There are many mysteries surrounding the Beast Planet.


Planetary Data
System: Planet Cluster (originally), Alliance System (end)
Ruler: Emperor Femur
Other notable inhabitants: Pelvus (aide), Sternum (former emperor)
Chief Export: Foodstuffs

Originally third from the sun, Planet Bone is a world of muck and slime. It consists primarily of plains covered by a gooey moss. Sporadically rising from these plains are buttes and plateaus which resemble skeletons of gigantic creatures. This terrain creates an eerie resemblance to a graveyard.

Bone is teeming with life, unlike the other worlds of the cluster. It is the principal source of foodstuffs to the other worlds of the cluster. Most of the nutrients come from the gooey moss which covers the planet. Other creatures - such as the slug-like canolies - are also quite edible (and delicious, despite their appearance).

Everything on Bone is constructed of organic materials. Buildings and even spaceships are quasi-living bio-engineered beings, capable of reacting to stimuli. While this is disconcerting to visitors, the inhabitants are quite comfortable.

Bone is ruled by Emperor Femur, who ascended the throne after poisoning his brother. On Bone, the citizens are loyal to whoever can take (and hold) the throne. Therefore, the Emperor is usually someone who can assassinate or trick the previous emperor. Femur is a wily ruler; while he is not always well-liked, his self-interest usually serves him well.

After the series, Femur's brother Sternum has returned from the Prison Planet. Rather than continuing their feud, Femur and Sternum reconciled; Femur remained as Emperor, where his wily tricks would benefit the planet as a whole. Sternum assumed command of the armies of Bone. The actual power is shared between the two of them. Femur is firmly committed to the Alliance. Sternum's commitment to the Alliance remains to be seen.


Planetary Data
System: Planet Cluster (originally), destroyed by the Beast Planet
Ruler: Prince Pyrus
Other notable inhabitants: the Vizier (advisor), Captain Blaze (captain of the guard)
Chief Export: Energy

Planet Fire is the closest and hottest planet of the Cluster. It is a volcanic world of basalt and volcanos. Lava streams flowed like rivers, and the heat is intense. However, the planet has its own flora and fauna, which thrive in the hostile environment. Cities resembling gigantic cauldrons cap the openings of the numerous volcanoes found on the surface. Fire has few minerals, although it does have a good supply of precious metals (such as gold). The thin crust of the planet is entirely composed of volcanic rock of various types.

The lava is actually infused with intense energy, making it a valuable source of energy for the cluster. The high-energy lava is controlled through dam-like structures, although spontaneous eruptions are common. The people of Fire harness and control the lava flows for the energy; this was also the primary resource that other planets raided Fire for.

Fire was consumed by the Beast Planet. Its people inhabited Rock's Battle Moons during the flight of the worlds from the Beast. They are a proud people, and not at all comfortable with their status. They are worried that without a world of their own, they will become second-class citizens of the cluster.

After the series, the inhabitants of Fire will be trying to maintain their status as equals. They may try to harvest the energy from the sun to provide to the other planets. They will also be looking for a new world of their own, and would be among the most likely to explore beyond the cluster. If Fire is ever rebuilt/recovered, it will take time for its people to settle in and adapt.

Fire and its people are ruled by Prince Pyrus, a young teenaged boy who is growing into a very capable ruler. He ascended the throne after the untimely death of his father, and has won the respect of his people - commoner and warrior alike.


Planetary Data
System: Planet Cluster (originally), Alliance System (end)
Ruler: King Cryos
Other notable inhabitants: Lady Zera
Chief Export: Ice (for water)

The fourth planet from its sun, Ice is a world of snow, ice, and glaciers. The inhabitants have carved into the ice, creating low cavern complexes dug into the solid ice of the planet. The planet is frigid, but actually more hospitable than Fire. It has a crystalline beauty, appreciated by its inhabitants.

The ice of the planet is the best source of pure water in the cluster, and it contains the vast majority of the water of the cluster in frozen form. Ice was frequently raided by other planets to retrieve the ice.

Ice was probably the planet least affected by all of the events of the series. Ice is ruled by King Cryos, a well-beloved monarch. Ice is a traditional monarchy, and its royal family is well-respected by their people.


Planetary Data
System: Solitary (originally), destroyed by the Beast Planet
Ruler: none, entire planet is a gestalt sentience of plant life
Other notable inhabitants:
Chief Export: none

Planet Jungle is a world teeming with overwhelming plant life. All life on the planet is empathically linked, forming one gigantic consciousness. The plants were aware enough to be able to respond to perceived threats; for example they captured Femur and dangled him over a snapping plant after he set off a bomb as a test. The plant life is highly evolved and sentient.

Jungle was destroyed by the Beast Planet. Jungle's sole remaining inhabitant is a small cutting given by the plant life to Femur, so that it may one day regrow. Femur assumed the responsibility of caring for the plant with uncharacteristic responsibility; he will certainly be interested in finding a new world to start a new Planet Jungle.


Planetary Data
System: Planet Cluster (originally), destroyed by Alliance
Ruler: none
Other notable inhabitants: uninhabited
Chief Export: none

The furthest planet from the sun, Remora is a lifeless world in the Planet Cluster. It has a very thin atmosphere, with very little oxygen on the outside. The crust of the planet has few useful minerals, and no other valuable resources. To all observers, Remora is a lifeless world.

The inhabitants of the cluster gave Remora little thought before the coming of the Beast. However, it was used as a secret base from which the Beast ships attacked the other planets in the cluster. At the same time, the entire planet was converted to a monstrous war machine with incredible devastating power. The world engines of Remora were cannibalized to assist in this.

Built from the inside out, this lifeless world became an almost unbeatable weapon against the Alliance. Massive engines peeled away the entire crust, to reveal an entire planet converted to a war platform. Immense cannons destroyed large numbers of the alliance fleets, and colossal fighter bays launched thousands of drones in their Tachyon Marauders. Only the timely intervention of Rock's Battlemoons allowed the Alliance to achieve victory. Ultimately, Remora was totally destroyed by the Alliance shortly before the Beast Planet arrived in the star system.


Planetary Data
System: Unknown system, destroyed by the Beast Planet
Ruler: unknown
Other notable inhabitants: none
Chief Export: unknown

Reptizar was briefly shown in the final episode, as the Beast was preparing to consume it. Nothing is known about the planet, but it might be assumed (at least from the name) that Reptizar hosted a reptilian race or races. Nothing else is really known about Reptizar.


Planetary Data
System: Planet Cluster (originally), Alliance System (end)
Ruler: Lord Mantle, Lady Jade (end)
Other notable inhabitants: Graveheart, Feldspar
Chief Export: Minerals

Rock is a rugged world of land of high peaks, badlands, and mesas. Its inhabitants live mostly in caves carved from the rock, high atop the cliffs of the planet. Violent windstorms near ground level force the inhabitants to live high up, and they almost constantly wear protective armor. The world is very rugged and spartan. The capital city of Rock is Anvilla, which was carved out of the stone in a hammer-shaped butte centuries ago.

Rock has abundant mineral deposits. These minerals are mined to manufacture Rock's impressive defenses, and are the primary objectives for other planet's raids before the series.

The defenses of Rock are almost impregnable, and many of the inhabitants of the various worlds considered it the most difficult planet to raid. The most potent (and primary) line of defense for Rock is its array of Battle Moons. The Battle Moons are mobile artificial satellites, able to move around quickly to respond to threats. Each moon has a number of surface defenses, plus one huge energy cannon which can fire over interplanetary distances. The primary cannon can fire accurately enough to destroy fighters in Rock's atmosphere. All battle moons can be controlled from a single station, either on Rock or in one of the Moon's command centers. They can also be independently operated.

At the start of the series, Rock has five Battle Moons. Two are destroyed by the Beast Planet's cannons. The remaining Battlemoons provide a temporary home for the inhabitants of Fire, although Rock still controls the moon's weaponry. The battlemoons also have support facilities for the quarriors stationed there, including the Moon Over Mayhem tavern.

During most of the series, Rock is ruled by Lord Mantel, a stubborn ruler who staunchly refuses to join the Alliance. He believes that Rock would be able to stand up to the Beast. After the series, Rock is ruled by Jade, following Mantel's death at the hands of Blokk. This was a particularly traumatic event for many of Rock's people, which made them realize that they weren't invulnerable. Under Jade's leadership, Rock joins the Alliance as a full member.


Planetary Data
System: Solitary (originally), Alliance System (end)
Ruler: Ramset of the Sun People. The Sand People have no leader, but act in concert
Other notable inhabitants: Zuma (sandperson)
Chief Export: unknown

Sand is a vast desert planet, with elegantly crafted cities rising up from the dunes. Sand has two primary sentient races, the Sand People and the Sun People. Before the fleeing planets encountered Planet Sand, it was ruled by the Sun People, who used the Sand People as simple laborers. The Sand People did nothing to alter the belief that they were simply bestial primitives. The Sun People were enamored of their own superiority, and were totally unprepared for the disruption to their way of life. Once the Beast attacked Sand, and threatened to consume the planet, the Sand People revealed their sentience and telepathic abilities. The Sand People were welcomed into the alliance as the true masters of Sand, and Zuma became the representative of Sand to the other worlds.

Sand is not a particularly strong world, defensively. Its people were not even aware that other races or planets existed before the Alliance came across the world. Correspondingly, they never developed spacecraft or even very strong defenses. While the Sunpeople have warriors, they had not developed the ferocity or skill of other worlds. This might change over time.

After the series, there will be quite a lot of problems on Sand. With the revelation of the Sandpeople's sentience, the Sun People's entire way of life has changed. They must struggle to adapt to their new situation, and accept their role as partners on Sand (and secondary partners at that). Some Sun people might try to avenge their loss of status. Others might try to adapt to living without the Sand people as servants. The Alliance will certainly need to help the planet adjust.


Planetary Data
System: Tek/Water System, destroyed by the Beast Planet
Ruler: Tekla's Father (name unknown)
Other notable inhabitants: Princess Tekla, Voxx
Chief Export: Computers and technological equipment

Tek was a world orbiting a dual-sun system. It was a world of advanced technology, with cybernetics and robotics being a part of life. The people of Tek were generally peaceful, and there was trade among the planets of their system. The world was unprepared for the arrival of the Beast Planet, as was its sister planet Water. While Tek was initially unprepared for conflict, they were rapidly able to develop capable defenses - including their Vari-Tek fighters - in response to the Beast's arrival.

Whether the planet (and its people) can be recovered from the Beast is doubtful. Even if they can, it will take a great deal of rebuilding and adjustment.


Planetary Data
System: Tek/Water System, destroyed by the Beast Planet
Ruler: unknown
Other notable inhabitants: none
Chief Export: Water?

Water was a world completely covered in a vast ocean. Like Tek, it was unprepared for the assault of the Beast. The inhabitants of Water converted their entire world into a massive weapon to be used against the Beast planet. However, even this drastic action failed against the Beast's onslaught. Little else is known about Water.

Water and Tek were the last two worlds destroyed out of a system of worlds. There were probably other inhabited worlds in the system.

Prison Planet

Planetary Data
System: None, originally part of a system near the Planet Cluster.
Ruler: Contested between Jewelia and Sternum
Other notable inhabitants: none
Chief Export: none

Hundreds of years ago, the peoples of the Planet Cluster founded the Prison Planet to house the worst prisoners of their worlds. All of the races of Bone, Fire, Rock and Ice sent their worst to the planet, and maintained a small garrison at the planet. These prisoners were put to work, and subject to psychological conditioning to break their spirit. Somewhere around 10 years before the series began, Femur sent Sternum to the Prison Planet. Sternum was not one to passively be imprisoned, and he successfully led a revolt.

Sternum also managed to find the Teleport Engines of the Prison Planet. He learned to use them by trial and error, and still does not have a great grasp of how to set any particular destination when he uses the teleport engines. Realizing that the people of the Prison Planet needed supplies to survive, he decided to raid other worlds. He also learned how to control the large guns for defense, and the telepods of the planet to raid other worlds.

However, Sternum's leadership was not to everyone's liking. A sizable number of the populace sided with Jewelia when she crashed on the planetoid. At the time that the Alliance encounters the Prison Planet, there is a continuous series of skirmishes between the two factions. Jewelia's forces were generally in poorer condition (many of her troops wear mismatched armor), but they control a major arsenal.

The Teleport Engines are a mystery, another technology left by the ancients. They can be used to transport the entire planet from place to place, and even have enough power to transport the Beast Planet. The first time Sternum used the Teleport Engines, the original planet was shattered. Its assumed that the bulk of it was destroyed, but it is conceivable that multiple teleport engines, having not been properly aligned, were sent in different directions, each with chunks of the original planet. The Prison Planet also maintains artificial gravity - the gravity on the surface is the same as on the other worlds.

After the series, the fate of the Prison Planet is unknown; it is likely to have been consumed by the Beast planet, but it is possible that the teleport engines may be able to teleport the Prison Planet away from the Beast as an automatic self-preservation action. Both Sternum and Jewelia were teleported off of the Prison Planet, so any surviving inhabitants may be leaderless or dissolve into continuous gang warfare. If other sections of the Prison Planet remain intact, their status and fate are unknown.