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General Information

All races speak a common language (Basic/Common/whatever), although their writing systems are slightly different. Each race in Shadow Raiders is considered Medium-sized (except for a few specific individuals), and have a base movement of 10 meters unless otherwise noted. The races are known by their homeworld, and their personal names frequently reflect some element of their world.

Personality: Crafty and opportunistic.
Physical Description: The inhabitants of Bone resemble bipedal lizards, with two flexible frills running from the top of the head all the way down to their tail. They have a wide variety of body proportions, broader than any other known species. Their hands are clawed, and their faces are capable of a greater range of motion than most other beings.
Physical Description: Basically humanoid, with two crystalline horns and other small crystal growths on the spine and elsewhere.
Personality: Hot-tempered and impulsive, irascible at times.
Physical Description: The inhabitants of Fire are generally humanoid in appearance. The top of their head is crowned with flames which continuously burn. Their skin has the appearance of coals - red hot or glowing, and darker in other areas. Their ears resemble a set of three fingers, which grow as they mature. Young Fire inhabitants have a rounded face, but their face elongates and narrows as they age. The touch of someone from Fire is uncomfortably hot, though it causes no real damage.
Citizens of Fire are fond of wearing jewelry. Many men - particularly warriors - wear earrings, or bob their ears with golden ear-caps.
Personality: Dignified, noble, intelligent
Physical Description: The inhabitants of Ice resemble insects. They have faceted eyes, antennae, and a non-humanoid head. They have 6 limbs, but usually keep their extra pair of arms folded up behind them. Most inhabitants of Ice have small tusks around their mouths; these grow with age.
Inhabitants of Ice never actually stop growing, though their growth slows with age.
Personality: Stubborn, belligerent, confident
Physical Description: Inhabitants of Rock resemble humans made of various formations of stone. Their skin resembles multi-hued rock strata, and their "hair" resembles a growth of colorful crystals (it is flexible enough to be stuffed into a helmet). They are the most human-like race of Shadow Raiders.
Personality: Mysterious, curious, reserved
Physical Description: The Sandpeople resemble large, bulky, furry humanoids with a pair of horns. They have a segmented shell on their back, and their fingers resemble spades. They move slowly but deliberately, and have a lumbering gait.
Sand People are pacifistic - they will not directly harm another being, even such automatons as Beast Drones. However, they have no problems about manipulating their enemies into another's blaster range, and they can eventually overcome their reluctance to directly harm another being. Sand People rely upon outsmarting their foes.
Sun People (Planet Sand)
Personality: Arrogant, conceited, naive
Physical Description: The sunpeople are thin humanoids. They are physically weak and prone to sunburn, so they usually travel in mechanized suits. Their limbs are very thin, and they have spidery hands.
Sun People are gifted at designing architectural wonders, and good engineers as well. However, they are not very good at implementing their designs, having relied upon the Sand People to perform the physical tasks necessary for such construction.
Sun People generally consider themselves highly evolved and sophisticated; however the changes on their planet and their inclusion in the Alliance have shattered that belief. Before the coming of the Alliance and the Beast Planet, they believed themselves at the center of the universe; they used the Sand People for most of the heavy labor around their planet. They will have difficulty in accepting other races as equals. At the same time, most other races will have difficulty in taking a Sun Person seriously.
Personality: Devoted, Inventive, Obsessive
Physical Description: The inhabitants of Tek resemble humans, but composed of gleaming metal and what appears to be silicon chips. They are technically cyborgs - a blend of cybernetics and biology - but in their case, this is a natural part of their physiology. Some cultures may mistake them for robots, but they are fully living beings.
People from Tek have a natural aptitude for higher technologies, and they have a strong force of will. However, they are not as adept at dealing with other races, and frequently have trouble empathizing with another's point of view.
During the series, no other inhabitants of Tek are known to exist (aside from Tekla). However, after the series, it is possible that a few survivors in long-range scouts may have survived, and eventually reach the Alliance Cluster.

Template: Beast Commander

The commanders of the Beast Planet resemble beast drones superficially, but do not need containment units. Furthermore, their heads have a visible skull (the null-matter is translucent), which varies among individuals.

The Beast Planet commanders are actually originally inhabitants of another world. When the Beast Planet consumes worlds, it also absorbs and learns the information from both the world and people it consumes. Exceptional people of a world can be recreated from the null-matter (as Fire's Vizier was). Over time, they lose their original appearance, and become truly null-matter. Their physical shape remains (mostly) intact, but they gain arm-blades, dorsal spikes, and other spikey protuberances; their bodies become translucent and part of their skull becomes visible. Lamprey was possibly an inhabitant of Planet Water before her corruption; Blokk's original world is unknown. Voyd on the other hand might be originally from the Beast itself.

Generally, the Beast Planet will never 'convert' an individual of less than 10th level to serve it - anything less than that is simply fodder. The exceptional individuals are only converted if there is a need. They are totally devoted to the Beast, and may never be used as PCs.

Abilities Gained:

The null-matter touch also affects non-living things, but more slowly. Any object touched by the Beast Commander will be damaged. For this reason, Beast Commanders cannot carry firearms or other items for extended periods, save those made of null-matter (which are rare).


Characters from the Shadow Raiders setting may start with any of the following classes. Whether they are able to learn other classes (for instance, Force-using classes if introduced into a Star Wars game) is up to the individual game master.

This class generally conforms to the Star Wars Soldier class. However, each different race gains initial feats according to their race. These replace the normal Soldier's initial Feats.
Soldiers from each race frequently have particular characteristics. All are extremely devoted to their homeworld, and (ideally) reflect the best of their race. Sternum Warriors from Bone are renowned for their fearlessness, and never flee from a conflict. . The Igneous Knights of Planet Fire are a rugged and hotheaded group, who are always ready to lay their life on the line for their world and prince. The Glacial Troopers of Ice are superbly trained in group battle tactics, and attack in waves of lightning-quick strikes; elite Ice units are hand chosen for their strength, intelligence, and leadership abilities. Quarriors are known to be rock solid and tough, wearing their battle-scarred armor with pride while they protect Rock's citizens during raids.
Sandpeople are pacifistic and do not make good soldiers. A player may choose to play a Sandperson Soldier, but they will be considered "odd" (to say the least) by their fellows.
See Star Wars handbook.
Psion (Sandpeople, Tek, Beast only)
See Psionics Handbook for D&D
Extractor (Initial: Ice, Rock, Bone, Fire only)
The extractor is devoted to identifying and removing valuable natural resources from planets. Each planet has its own version of these. For instance, Rock calls its Extractors "Miners"
Unlike Scouts, who operate semi-independently, Extractors frequently operate in large teams. They also (at least in the time before the Beast) operated in conjunction with Soldiers, who provided protection while they worked to retrieve the materials from other worlds. After the Alliance is formed, extractors frequently turned to their own worlds, and began harvesting the materials to trade with other worlds.
Die Type: d8
Skill Points/level: 6+Int modifier
Class Skills: Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Computer Use, Craft, Handle Hazardous Materials, Heavy Machinery Operation, Jump, Knowledge, Pilot, Profession, Repair, Search, Spot, Survey, Survival,
Initial Feats: Simple Weapons, Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles, Light Armor
Saves: Fortitude - good, Reflex - average, Will - poor
Level 3 (or above): If the Extractor has at least 2 levels in Pilot, they gain the feat Starship Operation - Transports for free.
Level 4 (and each 4 levels afterward): The Extractor may choose a particular planet that he's specialized in "working"; the Extractor must have spent some time working on the chosen planet. While on this planet, he gains +2 to Appraise, Handle Hazardous Materials, Survey, and Survival for that planet. A given planet may be selected more than once as the extractor gains in level; bonuses are cumulative.
Level 5 (and each 5 levels afterward): An extractor has a +2 circumstance bonus on Search or Spot checks for finding a particular feature on a planet (such as a cave, river, mineral deposits, etc), even if he has never been on that planet before. This does not include artificial constructs (like telepods). At level 10, the bonus rises to +4, +6 at 15th level, and +8 at 20th level

New Feats

A number of Feats in Shadow Raiders are restricted to specific races. Others are initially only available to certain races, but could be learned by members of a different race, given the appropriate training and availability.

Autonomic Armor: (Prerequisites: Bio-Armor) The Bone Warrior's link to his armor becomes strong enough that the armor will automatically perform functions even after the warrior is unconscious. As long as the warrior is alive, the armor can move him with normal movement. The armor usually simply evacuates the warrior off of the battlefield.

Bio-Armor: The character's armor is directly linked to him. This allows use of bio-engineered armor. The Bio-armor may be attached directly to the skin of the wearer, and will move as if it were an extension of the wearer. Other races who eventually gain this feat will need to have their equipment custom-made by someone who can create bio-armor components.

Cybernetic Armor: The Tek character may use cybernetic-based armor. Similar to BioArmor, the Cybernetic armor is linked to the body. However, the methods used are quite different.

Deflect Blasters: (Prerequisites: Base Attack +6, proficiency in suitable weapon) This is identical to the Force-based Feat. Inhabitants of Fire can instinctively react quickly enough to learn this feat at higher level.

Discorporate: (Prerequisites: Nanonytes) The Ice Nanonytes allow the user to dissolve into a chilling gaseous fog. The user may use other Nanonyte feats while discorporated, but is unable to otherwise affect anything. A strong wind may cause severe damage. Discorporation is a dangerous Feat to use; sentient characters must make a Will save (DC25) when they resume a physical form, or they will be disoriented and unable to function (temporarily mentally "short-circuited", and reduced to an Int of 2) for a number of hours equal to the amount they fail the save by.

Encase: (Prerequisites: Nanonytes, Quench) The Ice Nanonytes surround the target, encasing it in solid ice. The target is immobilized. Multiple creatures who are close to each other may be encased with the same action (pay vitality for each target).Vitality Cost: 8 for a medium-sized creature (doubled/halved to increase/decrease size category). The target of Encase may make a save (DC equal to the acting character's level + 10 + ...) to avoid being encased.

Environmental Systems: (Prerequisites: Bio-Armor or Cybernetic Armor) This Feat enables the bio-armor to adapt to environmental conditions. It includes breathing underwater (or in the swampy muck of Bone), and offers some protection against hot or cold climates.

Fingertip Lasers: The character has low-power fingertip lasers in each finger. These are not powerful enough to do serious damage, but can be used at very short range to effect repairs or weld objects. They can also be used to cut small items.

Heal Other: (Prerequisites: Nanonytes) The Nanonytes can mend wounds (but not vitality). The nanonytes will also mend damage to items (such as armor, clothing) around the wounds. Vitality cost is the same for the Force-based skill of the same name.

Heat Metal: By concentrating for a round, the Fire inhabitant can heat a metal object to red-hot temperatures. If used on a weapon specifically designed for the purpose, this enables the weapon to do an extra 1d6 of heat damage per strike, and the weapon will ignite small flammable materials. Otherwise, the object will simply do 1d6 heat damage to any creature touching it, and will melt if it has a low melting point. Vitality Cost: 2 for a medium-sized weapon (doubled/halved to increase/decrease size category).

Hidden Pocket: By modifying their own body, a Tek character may create a hidden pocket with a specific purpose. This can be in any non-vital portion of the body, usually the thigh. Accessing something within a hidden pocket is as simple as drawing it from a holster, as it automatically opens and closes at will. A character accessing something from a hidden pocket has a +8 to Hide checks to retrieve the item if not under direct observation.

Inventor: Characters with this feat may attempt to create new technological devices. To attempt to create a new device, the player should specify what they are trying to achieve. The GM will secretly set the DC level based on how ambitious the item is. Characters may then make a Crafts roll to construct a prototype. [need chart for DC examples] Once the prototype is constructed, the player may test it; at this point, the DC level is revealed and the player's prototype may either succeed or fail (or even fail spectacularly).

Multidexterity: This feat is usable by any creature with more than two limbs. It allows the creature to use all of its limbs.

Nanonytes: When a being takes this feat, they gain the ability to maintain a reservoir of nanonytes in her lungs. These are microscopic engines capable of performing a variety of tasks. The nanonytes respond to the mental impulses of their carrier, and can be employed for a variety of uses; a being has a number of (different) uses equal to their (?) before their supply is exhausted. At the base level, Nanonytes can maintain an Ice being's internal temperature in environments warmer than their normal frigid climate; they can even maintain the Ice person's temperature in extreme heat, (above 100F). This reduces the double-damage the person of Ice would otherwise suffer from fire and heat to normal damage. Vitality Cost to withstand heat is at least 2/hour if above about 100F, otherwise the cost is zero.

Quench: (Prerequisites: Nanonytes) the Nanonytes can be used to quench small fires or smother something small with a thin sheet of ice. Vitality cost: 1

Ship Linkage: The Bone Warrior may link to his ship. This provides a greater deal of reaction between pilot and ship; the warrior may add his Dexterity Bonus to the ship's Defense if its superior to the ship's maneuverability bonus.

Tail Attack: (Prerequisites: a flexible tail, Base Attack +6) This feat allows the character to attack with their tail as a combat action. This attack cannot be used in conjunction with other attacks during the same combat round.

Weapon Linkage: (Prerequisites: Bio-Armor or Cybernetic Armor) Any weapons or similar equipment built into the Bio-Armor or Cybernetic Armor may be automatically fired by a mental command. If the weapon has actuators (such as Femur's shoulder-blaster), it will automatically aim at the desired target.

New Skills

Handle Hazardous Materials: This skill allows the character to use proper methods to handle and transport materials which are dangerous. This can include radioactive materials, the high-energy magma of Planet Fire, or other dangerous cargo. It can even include handling dangerous animals for transport (but not catching them, caring for them or training them).

Heavy Machinery Operation: This involves operating large construction-type machines. It doesn't include driving them (that falls under the Piloting skill), but does apply when attempting to use the specialized functions of the equipment. With a skill check, the character can employ the proper tools for a job, and get tasks done in shorter time. Examples of Heavy Machinery would be the MULE Dozers used by Planet Rock.

Survey: The character may, by examining his surroundings on a planet, determine whether a particular material is easily available to extract on that planet. It also allows the character to determine which materials are likely to be the most useful within a given planet's ecosystem. Surveying will not give the character automatic success in finding the most valuable items within an area, but would allow him to determine a good location for a colony, or the most likely place where minerals could be found.

Characters from the Show

The following are stats for the characters from the show. When two groups of stats are listed, it indicates stats from the beginning and the end of the series, respectively.

Blaze: Soldier 11

Captain Blaze is the Captain of the Guard for Planet Fire. As hotheaded as the rest of his people, he leads other Igneous Knights into seizing the Battlemoon, determined to avenge their loss. However, when P:yrus falls under attack by Beast Drones, he realizes his error and chooses to save the Prince.

He is devoted to Prince Pyrus and the people of Fire, but fears that his people have been relegated to the role of second-class citizens following Fire's destruction by the Beast Planet. He wants to follow a noble path, but also desires to take vengeance against the Beast.

Blokk: Soldier 16

Blokk is one of the two field commanders for the Beast Planet. He prefers to attack with brute force and overwhelming odds, and lives for destruction. He leads the Beast Drone armadas against the peoples of the Alliance relentlessly - if given free reign, he would continuously launch attack after attack against the Alliance forces. Fortunately, Voyd keeps him in check.

Blokk is easily excited, and easily gets carried away in his appetite for carnage. He has a nervous habit of jittering (his skull visibly bounces around inside his head).

As the series continues, Blokk becomes increasingly infuriated at the resilience of the Alliance. He slays Lord Mantel of Rock, hoping to break the will of both the Alliance and Rock's people. But he underestimates Graveheart, both personally and as the leader of the alliance. Eventually, he is destroyed in single combat by the more intelligent Graveheart.

Cryos: Noble 12/Soldier 4 (Noble 14/Soldier 6)

King Cryos is the wise ruler of Planet Ice. Admired by his people, he maintains a quiet dignity, and rules by his strong code of ethics and reason. He is quick to realize the threat of the Beast Planet, and is willing to risk his planet's well-being on the ideals of the Alliance. He truly hopes for peace between all of the peoples of the cluster, and supports the Alliance without question. With considerable dignity, he provides counsel to Graveheart throughout the series, helping his friend to triumph over obstacles.

Cryos firmly believes that a ruler's duty is to his people. When he chooses to save his daughter rather than help defend his people, he abdicates his throne to his captain of the guard. Yet his people gladly returned his scepter to him later, forgiving his weakness.

Cryos is a capable tactician and able statesman. Although his diplomatic skills are put to the test when dealing with Mantel, Femur, and Fire's vizier, he proves himself able. His only real weakness is his overwhelming devotion to his beloved "little snowflake", his daughter Zera.

Feldspar: Soldier 8

Captain Feldspar is a loyal Quarrior of Rock. He is responsible for maintaining Rock's Battle-moons and providing a guard for (and of) visitors from other worlds. Just below Commander Jade, he does not trust the members of the alliance. Feldspar assumes command of Rock's Quarriors while Jade acts as liaison to the Alliance.

Feldspar and his squad are confronted by Blokk in Rock's World Engine control room. Although he fights valiantly, Feldspar is injured by a misfire from one of his men's weapons, and killed by Blokk.

Femur: Scoundrel 10/Noble 4 (Scoundrel 11/Noble 8)

Emperor of Bone, Femur is a short, fat, obnoxious ruler with an uncanny ability to escape danger. He is a deceitful, arrogant schemer, always looking out for himself first. He is canny though, and never bothers to consider nobility as a reason for a course of action. In this regard, he is quite well-suited for rulership of Bone, where only the most manipulative and deceiving individuals can seize the throne and hold it.

Femur actually does care for his planet, and does keep the welfare of his people in mind - usually. He is very persuasive when he needs to be, and is able to talk himself out of danger if given the opportunity. Femur is also easily tempted by a pretty face, but he is quick to cool his lasciviousness if threatened. Femur is not a fighter; he frequently finds something (or someone) to hide behind in a firefight. However, he is not above teasing or manipulating other people into action, and enjoys needling Jade (despite the physical danger involved).

Femur's leadership has faced several tests. When he abandoned the rest of the Alliance in the middle of the battle against Remora, he lost a great deal of face with the Sternum Warriors, who pride themselves on their fearlessness. In danger of losing his throne (and his life), Femur realized his mistake, and responsibly managed to get Bone (and himself) reinstated into the Alliance. More recently (at the end of the series), his rulership of the planet was jeopardized by the return of his brother Sternum, who was Bone's emperor before him. Femur is able to maintain his rulership by reconciling with Sternum. Femur will probably grow into a reasonable leader as he accepts the responsibilities of the throne.

Note: Despite his short stature (about the same size as Zera) and because of his girth, Femur is still considered a Medium-sized creature.

Graveheart: Soldier 9/Extractor 5 (Soldier 14/Extractor 5/Noble 1)

Just a lowly Granite Class miner at the start of the show, Graveheart takes up the job of uniting the four warring planets of his cluster against the Beast Planet. Noble, courageous, and charismatic, he is a natural leader despite being a commoner among kings. He is not a passive leader either; he is always on the forefront to fight the Beast. While he is sometimes uncomfortable with his role, he shoulders the responsibility admirably.

Once a quarrior, he left Rock's military after he failed to save his younger brother Mica, who was killed in a raid on Planet Fire. Unable to forgive himself, Graveheart had serious doubts about his own leadership abilities. He thought of himself as "just a miner". Yet Jade is able to talk sense into him, and he resumes command of the alliance with confidence.

Although his devotion to the alliance causes him to be exiled from his own homeworld, he is able to forge the fragile Alliance into a force capable of challenging the Beast itself. His commitment to friends and allies is absolute, and he will never abandon a friend in danger.

After the series, Graveheart will undoubtedly be involved in helping the planets adjust, as well as maintaining an active patrol for signs of the Beast. He will throw himself into solving the problems of any world that he believes needs him.

Jade: Soldier 12 (Soldier 15/Noble 2)

A tough, competent warrior, Jade serves Rock as its Captain of the Guard. She is hard and uncompromising, and lacks patience for foolishness or cowardice. She has high expectations for any who would consider themselves warriors. She loves Graveheart, and frequently accompanies him to protect him. Although she was angry with Graveheart for leaving the military, she was able to help Graveheart rise to his destiny as commander of the Alliance. Jade is quite willing to threaten - and even pummel - someone that she dislikes. She is loyal to Rock first and the Alliance second, yet she works with the Alliance representatives as an unofficial representative.

Lord Mantel reluctantly allowed Jade to accompany Graveheart after his exile, as an unofficial representative. While Rock didn't officially join the Alliance, Mantel needed someone to keep an eye on Rock's interests. Jade was quite willing to fill this role. But as the conflict with the Beast escalated, Jade found herself identifying with the Alliance more frequently. Mantel coerced her into turning over the access codes to the Alliance, a betrayal that troubled her deeply.

After Lord Mantel was killed by Blokk, Jade underwent the test known as the "Foundation of the Soul" to determine her worthiness to rule Rock. Although she had serious personal doubts, Graveheart recognized that she was loyal to Rock, and even her betrayal of the Alliance was due to her principals and devotion.

After the series, Lady Jade will rule Rock with a strong hand. However, after her exposure to other planets and ideas, she will be more open to ideas than Lord Mantel, and she will competently lead Rock for years to come. However, she is still a strong-willed person, and has no tolerance for things she considers foolish. She will need to learn both diplomacy and patience.

Jewelia: Scoundrel 6/Soldier 4

Jewelia is one of the leaders of the escaped prisoners on the Prison Planet. A member of an unknown race, Jewelia is vindictive and manipulative. She has a natural charisma, and demands total devotion from her warriors - something she gets without much effort. She is very power-hungry and obsessive. A proud but nasty woman, she uses everything at her disposal - including her own beauty and charm - in her goal of winning control of the Prison Planet.

Jewelia apparently belongs to a race of crystal-based beings, possibly from a Planet Crystal (or Planet Gemstone, or...). She claims to have crashed onto the planetoid, probably during one of Sternum's raids of other planets. She was able to create a credible opposition to Sternum's control of the world from the dissidents among the Prison populace.

After the series, Jewelia is teleported (along with Sternum) to the planets of the cluster. What her activities will be remain to be seen. But her actions to date indicate that she will certainly be trouble.

Lamprey: Psion 9/Scoundrel 6

Lamprey is one of the field commanders for the Beast Planet's advance forces. Unlike her counterpart Blokk, she is more guileful. She is devoted to undermining the Alliance from within. Through deception, possession, and manipulation, she tries to divide the Alliance whenever possible. Like Blokk, she follows Voyd's silent leadership.

Lamprey has the ability to possess individuals. She also has the ability to drain the life force from opponents that she comes into contact with, much like an undead creature. Wraithlike, she floats rather than walks (she has no legs, but something resembling a fish-like tail).

After a failed attempt at using Tekla to destroy the Alliance, Lamprey unwittingly allows Tekla to learn about the World Engines. While she doesn't reveal this mistake to her fellow commanders, she realizes her error and swears vengeance against Tekla.

The last time Lamprey was seen was in the Moon Over Mayhem bar, where she was buried under a pile of rubble. She probably survived, and is possibly still among the worlds of the cluster, working to subvert the Alliance from within and waiting for the Beast Planet to return.

Mantel: Noble Soldier

Lord and ruler of Planet Rock, Mantel is a gruff and arrogant man. He firmly believes in the superiority of Rock and its defenses, and dismisses the Alliance as unnecessary. As uncompromising as the stone throne he sits on, Mantel keeps Rock from joining the Alliance. He demands obedience, and expects to get it. Eventually, he realizes the need for the Alliance, yet rather than join as an equal member, he seizes command by force and guile. Ultimately confident, Mantel believes his way is the only way.

Unfortunately for Mantel, his actions almost doom Rock. After he sends the battle-moons to attack the Beast Planet, Blokk leads a horde of beast drones to invade Rock without mercy. Rock is nearly overtaken by the Beast, and Mantel is killed by Blokk in single combat. Yet at the end, with his final act, he smashes the control crystal, preventing the Beast from seizing control of the entire Alliance's forces.

Pelvus: Noble 3/Scoundrel 3 (Noble 4/Scoundrel 5)

Young and opportunistic, Pelvus is Femur's aide and second-in-command. However, he frequently tries to assassinate Femur, since that would be the only way he could rise to be Emperor himself. While opportunistic, Pelvus finds that Femur's wiliness is more than a match for him time and again. Pelvus is also quite willing to make deals to get the throne. However, Pelvus' schemes ultimately fail, as Femur is always a step or two ahead of his aide.

Pelvus is a coward, even more than Femur is. Sternum absolutely terrifies him. He will avoid a fair fight whenever possible, and will only defend himself unless absolutely necessary. He prefers to have something up his sleeve. Fortunately, Pelvus carries quite a few concealed weapons on him.

After the series, Pelvus will continue to act as Femur's aide. With Sternum's return, his position is lessened in importance, as Femur and Sternum work out an arrangement for sharing power. Pelvus will know that either is a more capable ruler than he, so his efforts will likely be even more indirect.

Pyrus: Noble 6/Soldier 2 (Noble 8/Soldier 6)

Pyrus is the young Prince of Planet Fire. Thrust into the role prematurely after his father's untimely death (before the series), Pyrus is a teenaged boy struggling with his responsibilities. He is quick to act, sometimes without thinking things through. He enthusiastically dives into action, frequently without planning. While inexperienced, he grows into a wise and capable leader, and always places the welfare of his people first.

Pyrus joins the Alliance after witnessing the Beast Drone's assault, much to his Vizier's irritation. Pyrus realizes the threat of the Beast Planet quickly, and is quick to counter-attack. He suffers many hardships and losses during the series - including the loss of his entire world. Pyrus still struggles to represent his people amidst their frustration and despair.

Pyrus' relationship with Femur is remarkable - Femur truly cares for Pyrus, almost like a kid brother. At the same time, he has a strong (but definitely non-avowed) friendship with Lady Zera of Ice.

After the series, Pyrus will continue to represent his people, and help them adjust. He will be interested in helping them find a role within the Alliance once the threat of the Beast is truly behind them.

Ramset: Noble 9

Ramset is the Speaker of the Sun People. He is completely enmeshed in his race's conceit that they are highly evolved and at the center of the universe. He did not believe the Alliance's warnings about the Beast, and even did not believe in the existence of other planets (initially thinking Cryos and Graveheart were pilgrims from remote provinces). Once the Beast attacks, and the Sandpeople reveal their sentience, his assumptions about his people's place in the universe are shattered.

Ramset's role after the series is unclear. He will likely still lead the Sun People, but his ability to lead will certainly be tested. He will certainly be among those Sun People who have to adjust to his race's new role and their diminished (self-)importance.


Slate is the bartender of the Moon Over Mayhem, the toughest bar in the entire planet cluster (and a favorite of Jade's). A two-level establishment in one of the Battlemoons, the Moon Over Mayhem is a place where Quarriors come to cut loose a little. It includes a typical bar area and a gameroom. The bar is off-limits to Miners, and has a no-weapons policy following one of its frequent closings due to damage.

Sternum: Soldier 10/Noble 4

Former Emperor of Bone, Sternum was drugged by Femur and exiled to the Prison Planet. He was held as a captive for some time until he manages to lead a revolt, and take over the teleport engines of the Prison Planet. After the riot of the prisoners' escape, he becomes the de facto leader of the escaped prisoners.

Sternum uses the teleport engines to move the planetoid of the Prison Planet from place to place, and manages to keep the people of the planet alive and supplied. He uses it to conduct raids against other planets for supplies, and develops a strong attachment to the world. During one of his raids, Jewelia crashed on the planet.

Prior to the series, Sternum was a strong and nasty leader, willing to execute his own brother. When Femur and Jade crash on the Prison Planet, he seriously considers executing Femur, but relents after some soul-searching. He still has a nasty side (as seen by Graveheart in their fight), but also has developed a sense of honor. He reconciles with Femur and Pelvus by the end of the series.

After the series, Sternum is likely to find a little difficulty in adjusting. Despite his obvious leadership abilities, he finds that his heart belongs to the Prison Planet, and not Bone. Also, he will find that despite his brother's cowardly ways, Femur has the support of the Alliance, and supplanting him would alienate his fellow rulers. To keep him involved in the Alliance, Femur makes Sternum the Captain of the Guard, commanding the armies of Bone. He will not be a shadow of his brother though, and may actually work to subvert and gain control over the Alliance.

Sternum will also be interested in finding about the whereabouts of the Beast Planet (and hopefully the Prison Planet).

Tekla: Noble 8 (Noble 8/Soldier 3/Psion 2)

Tekla is the sole known survivor of Planet Tek. She fled through a rift in space to warn the inhabitants of the next cluster (the Planet Cluster of the series) about the coming of the Beast. Unprepared for the state of conflict among the worlds, she pleads with Graveheart to forge their planets into an Alliance against the Beast.

Tekla is a competent but not exceptional warrior. Her strength lies in her technical skills and her devotion to fighting the Beast. She fights a mindwar to oust Lamprey from her mind, but manages to learn bits of information about the worlds of the Alliance in the process. Through this fragmented knowledge, she is able to discover the World Engines. Tekla is also an able tinkerer, inventor and scientist. While occasionally she forgets that others have not experienced her tragic losses, her devotion to fighting the Beast remains unshakable.

Vizier: Diplomat 15

The Vizier is Prince Pyrus' councilor, confidante and surrogate father. An irascible old man, the Vizier is as distrustful of the Alliance as Pyrus is committed to it. He is staunchly loyal to the people of Fire, but believes strongly in old traditions and customs. As Pyrus begins to interact with the Alliance, he feels the need to remind his prince that Fire should come first. He is overprotective toward his prince as well, but hotheaded like the rest of his race.

After witnessing Graveheart saving Pyrus' life, the Vizier realizes that the Prince has chosen the right course and valuable friends to stand beside him. He chases Graveheart and Tekla from Fire, and then sets the evacuated planet on a collision course with the Beast, attempting to destroy it by ramming. He honors the Graveheart and even Cryos before he perishes, defying the Beast Planet to the end.

VOXX: Fine Droid

Hovering constantly by Tekla's side is a mechanical sphere named VOXX, an artificial intelligence whose main function is to provide Princess Tekla with information. Voxx is quite capable of learning, and will serve Tekla in whatever fashion she needs.

Voxx possesses quite a few tools and talents. A product of Tekian technology, Voxx has a large memory bank and the ability to interface with other computer systems. Voxx also gained a laser for offensive abilities (thanks to Cryos and Pyrus); the full strength of this laser is unknown, but it can cut through plants and deliver a stinging wound to an opponent. Some of Voxx's demonstrated abilities include:

Voyd: Noble 20?

Voyd is the silent superior of both Blokk and Lamprey. He arbitrates any argument between them, and makes final decisions as appropriate. He is an imposing entity, capable of instilling fear in his subordinates. Voyd is quite intelligent, balancing the tactics of Blokk's assaults and Lamprey's guileful machinations to keep the Alliance off-balance. He does not accept failures lightly, and painfully punishes the commanders for their failures.

Voyd can teleport across interplanetary distances, carrying others (notably Blokk and Lamprey) with him. He never participates in conflicts. Any additional abilities he may have are unknown.

Zera: Noble 4 (Noble 6/Soldier 3)

Zera begins the series as a curious but spoiled teenager. The daughter of King Cryos, she manages to include herself into her father's adventures. Cryos eventually relents, and lets her learn skills as a warrior and begins to allow her to accompany him. She learns how to fight from Jade, and continues to learn from her elders.

Zera still acts like a child at times, yet other times she shows astonishing maturity. She is not above using her status as princess of Ice to get her way, and knows fully well that her father cannot deny her anything. At the same time, she tries to be fiercely independent, like most teenagers. She is quite resourceful.

Zera has a strong friendship with Pyrus, though neither will explicitly admit it. She enjoys teasing Pyrus.

Note: Because of her age and size, Zera is considered to be a Small creature.

Zuma: Psion

Like all of the Sand People, Zuma maintained the illusion of being a simple beast of burden. This changed when the Alliance discovered Planet Sand, and Lady Zera saw through her disguise. Zuma was thrust in a position of leadership for her people, and now acts as her race's ambassador and representative to the Alliance.

Zuma is unfamiliar with the ways of the other worlds, and is committed to learning about them. At the same time, she is homesick, and unaccustomed to being apart from her people. She has the respect of the other Alliance members, and her formidable telepathic skills are invaluable on missions.

After the series, Zuma will likely continue to visit the other worlds. She is unlikely to participate in explorations beyond the Planet Cluster, because of the possible separation from her people. However, her abilities (in conjunction with her race) to telepathically scan for her friends over interstellar distances will definitely be useful.


The creatures generally conform to creature classifications used in Star Wars. However, the planet of origin is used instead of climate.

Beast Drones: These relentless automatons from the Beast Planet are composed of solid null-matter. The only way to destroy a Beast Drone is to damage the null-matter containment unit that allows them to maintain their presence in this dimension. When their containment units are damaged, the Beast Drones instantly implode. The Beast Drones will eliminate any opposition they face by ferocious attacks and ultimately by endless numbers. Their weapons are integral components of their bodies, and cannot be utilized by anyone else. Anything touched or attacked by a Beast Drone is instantly blasted to another dimension contained within the Beast Planet.

Completely automated without a thought of their own, merely the recognition of a command, Beast Drones make up the Beast's army. Formed from solid null-matter, they are almost indestructible if it weren't for their containment units being prone to damage. Drones will implode when their containment units are hit. As warriors, they are set on destruction and death. Infinite numbers and continuous attacks are their only method of attacking. Anything touched or attacked by them are sent to another dimension within the Beast Planet itself. When the Beast is near to consuming a planet, the drones will retreat back to the planet eater.

Standard Beast Drone: Automaton 2; Init X; Def 10 Speed 10m; VP/WP: 1* Atk: +X melee (slap d6+ +special) +X ranged (special); SQ: Null Matter, containment unit; Saves: Fort +X Refl +X Will +X; Rep 0;
Flying Beast Drone: Automaton 3; Init X; Def 12 Speed: fly 20m (on flying skiff); VP/WP: 1* Atk: +X melee (slap d6+ +special) +X ranged (special); SQ: Null Matter, containment unit; Saves: Fort +X Refl +X Will +X; Rep 0;

If the Beast Drone's containment unit is struck for at least 1 point of damage (at -8 for the size), the drone immediately implodes. The Beast Drone containment units may be dropped by a drone ship from a low altitude (they take no damage from falls of less than 10m), and they will materialize the drone in the round following. Containment units may also be set to trigger at a much later time. Containment units containing flying drones will materialize halfway to the ground with a flying skiff, generally during the same round they are dropped.

The Beast Drones touch will immediately force an opponent to make a Fortitude Save at DC X. Failure results in the victims immediately being blasted to another dimension within the Beast Planet itself. Their integrated weapons (generally worn on the left arm) also has the same effect, with the save DC at X. No escape from the other dimension is known.

Ice Flea (Ice) : Although not capable of sight, an Ice Flea will seldom miss its mark due to guidance provided by a top mounted cannon. As 'heat signatures' are acquired, the heat-seeking cannon directs the blind beasts to a target by pulling a bit attached the Mite's mouth. Ice Fleas are comprised of Nanonites, microscopic working machines that are exclusive to Planet Ice. These tiny machines have the ability to create much larger forms when linked together. Because they are microscopic, Nanonites have the added ability to travel undetected through the air as a mist, called the Nanonyte Fog. Through this medium they can travel quickly and secretly reform as Ice Fleas, taking the enemy by surprise.

Ice Scavenger 4; Init -X; Defense X (-1 size -X dex +X natural); Speed Xm; VP/WP X/Y; AtK

Ice Spiders (Ice): Gentle creatures, and very rare on Planet Ice. They are about 2 feet in diameter (including the legs), and otherwise resemble white terrestrial spiders.

Ice Vermin 1; Init -X; Defense X (-1 size -X dex +X natural); Speed Xm; VP/WP X/Y; AtK

Lava Dogs (Fire): Lava Dogs are ferocious reptilian creatures that live in subterranean lava tubes and volcanic caverns. These indigenous animals have adapted to the lava flows and use them as extremely bountiful hunting grounds as well as routes for transportation to and from volcanic formations. Lava Dogs get their name from the loud bark they emit while hunting. They almost always travel in pairs and are impossible to train or domesticate. These fiery creatures have a bark as savage as their bite.

Fire Predator 7;

Muck Worms (Bone): These creatures dwell in (and beneath) the muck of Bone. They are beasts that move through the mossy growths, seeking prey. They are not fond of brightly lit areas, although this does not adversely affect them.

Bone Predator 5;

Other Flora/Fauna

Canolie: A small sluglike creature considered a delicacy on Planet Bone.

Firehawk: Bird of prey on Planet Fire, renowned for its speed and agility.

Ice Lice: A common pest of Planet Ice, and was tested as a food source. All eggs must be removed before consumption.

Stinging Fireweed: A plant growing on Planet Fire. It can cause skin irritation.