Jentoi the Ebon Giant

created and played by Alan Rexroth

Strength: 18/53 Race: (Savage) Human HP:
Intelligence: 17 Class: Mage (formerly Ftr) AC: 10
Wisdom: 13 Level: 1 (3) THACO: 18
Dexterity: 11 Align: Lawful Neutral Exp: 5000
Constitution: 14 Deity: Height: 7' 1"
Charisma: 14 Age: Weight:
Proficiencies, Weapon:
Club (specialized), Spear, Long Bow, some kind of axe
Proficiencies, non-Weapon:
Reading/Writing, Mining, Survival (jungle), Endurance, Engineering
Carving - hobby
Club, Spear, Longbow, 24 Sheaf Arrows (colorful fletching)
Backpack, belt pouch (carrying spell components), Large water bag, 3 days of rations, coin purse

Jentoi's History

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