Using the Geographic Visualization Package

The geographic visualization package, prajna.geoviz, includes several classes which augment both the geographic package and visualization package.

Geograhic Display Extensions

This package includes several classes which extend classes from prajna.geo or prajna.viz.display, adding other interfaces for geographic or visualization. The GraphGeoCanvas class is a GraphCanvas that uses the projected points of the graph nodes as the graph arrangement, thus drawing a geo-located graph. The ProjectionArrangement class is the extension of GraphArrangement which enables this support.

The TimerGeoCanvas adds temporal event support to a geographic display. It includes several timing functions and utilities, and is useful for displaying temporal geographic events.

Geographic Events

The GeoEvent class is an event which includes a geographic context, as well as a temporal reference. A GeoEvent can be used to represent incoming geographic events or signals. The GeoEventListener is a listener class which can be used by other classes which wish to receive GeoEvent notifications. The GeoEventGenerator class is a lightweight class which can be extended by classes which are responsible for generating GeoEvents.