Loading and Using Ontologies

Prajna supports OWL for ontologies and reasoning. It also supports limited RDF. The ontology components of Prajna are still in development. The ontology and reasoning classes may change as new capabilities are implemented. In addition, as the Semantic Web effort becomes more standardized, and the industry centralizes on standard practices, Prajna will adopt the standards and practices.

Prajna does not support the rigorous level of theoretical ontologies that many other ontology packages (such as Jena) support. Prajna does attempt to provide support for OWL Lite and (most of) OWL DL. However, the Prajna ontology classes attempt to provide more practical approaches to using ontologies.

OWL Ontologies are loaded with the OwlLoader. This class parses the OWL file, and builds the various classes and relationships within the file. It also may build objects, or Things, from definitions within the file.

Once loaded, an ontology can be used to reason additional properties on various objects. This can be particularly useful when the available data is sparse or not well-formed. The ontology can also validate whether an object conforms to the ontology.