JFreeChart is a library which provides statistical charting, such as pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, etc. The Prajna software bridge includes a number of user interface and utility classes which enable a developer to provide charts for various sources of data within Prajna. The user interface classes also include a dynamic chart selection tool which creates charts dynamically based upon the set of data records provided.

The integration of JFreeChart has not been finalized. The classes in the JFreeChart bridge should not be considered stable, and are likely to change. It is likely that the classes will become specific implementations of a more generalized charting interface.

Integrating with JFreeChart

Prajna uses the JFreeChart toolkit to display statistical graphs and charts. The ChartMaker class attempts to build charts based upon various criteria, and offers a wide range of options for building a chart.

The ChartDisplay class provides a user interface component which provides an interface which allows a user to select and manipulate various charting options. It derives information from a set of DataRecords, and attempts to identify various potential graph displays.

The MultiChartPane is likely to be generalized in the near future. It is another user interface component which provides a multi-tabbed widget to contain various charts.