Endeca Information Access Platform

The Endeca Information Access Platform is a commercial tool produced by Endeca. It is designed to help users find, analyze, and understand information in novel ways, using faceted navigation technology. It is a robust utility which offers considerable flexibility for handling data. The Prajna-Endeca software bridge provides implementations of a SemanticAccessor and DocCorpus which use Endeca as the data source. These classes demonstrate specific ways to build graphs, trees, and datasets from the underlying Endeca data.

The Prajna-Endeca software bridge depends on the endeca_navigation.jar file. This file is a standard part of the Endeca installation.

Integrating Prajna with Endeca

Integrating Prajna with Endeca is a fairly simple process. The EndecaAccessor retrieves information from the Endeca IAP, matching fields to either properties or dimensions. The property or dimension name for a particular field is specified by the sourceField attribute in the accessor configuration file.

The EndecaCorpus is an implementation of a DocCorpus. It represents individual records from the Endeca IAP as documents. It attempts to identify keys from dimension fields.

The Endeca bridge also includes several utility classes. The EndecaDataWriter is a SemanticWriter which exports DataRecords into the Endeca XML format. This allows Prajna to export data which can then be read into the Endeca IAP in the standard manner. Another utility class is the EndecaTranslator, which transforms Endeca records into another format, such as KML. The transformation is based upon the EndecaAccessor.