Building and Distributing Prajna

Prajna is configured as an Eclipse project, though it should be compilable in any IDE. Prajna includes an Ant build.xml file, which includes targets for building Jars and Wars.

Copies of any dependent jar files. including javaee.jar and any jars required by the software bridges, should be placed in the lib directory. The javaee.jar file is available from Sun Microsystems.

Typically, a developer can set the Build Automatically feature in Eclipse. Then whenever a new build is needed, the builder can simply use the jar target to create a new Jar for distribution. The prajna.jar file contains the Prajna classes, and is located in the dist directory. The default output folder for the classes should be the build directory.

The war target is used when Prajna is being deployed as a web application. In most cases, the Prajna jar file should be included in a particular application's WAR file, so you are not likely to need this target.

Currently, Prajna compiles with Java 1.5 (or better).

Building the Bridges

The various software bridges are included in the src_ext folder. Each of the bridges typically requires a jar file from the external software. In many cases, you may not have the jar file available. In those cases, you may simply exclude the bridges you do not wish to include.