Ebay Guidelines

I've written this page to provide my fellow Ebayers with information about the personal guidelines I follow when conducting business on Ebay.

Selling: Card Lots

I frequently sell lots of cards from Collectible Card Games. I make every attempt to represent the contents accurately. If I state that a lot of cards contains rares, then it will contain some number of rares. If I do not, that means it probably doesn't. A few may have slipped in - I just cannot guarantee that there are rares. The same applies to cards from different sets, foils, promos, or so forth.

Because of the number of cards, and card lots, that I sell, I usually cannot search for specific cards within the lot. It just takes too long. I also have three small children, which eats into my time further. Any queries about certain cards will usually be answered Maybe.

If you are looking for specific rare cards, I do maintain a trade list for a wide variety of CCGs at http://trade.mahasamatman.com.

Selling: RPG Books

Selling: DVDs

Shipping and Handling

I use the USPS for all shipping. If there is a specific reason for me to use another shipping service, I can accommodate the request. However, it may delay the shipment of the package. I weigh each package prior to shipping to calculate postage rates. I do include a small handling fee - this covers packaging materials, gas, and other incidentals.

Some of the items (such as card lots) may seem to have a high price for shipping. That's because cards and books are heavy. Unfortunately, CCG cards do not (officially) qualify for Media rate shipping. I'd love for it to be otherwise.


As a buyer and seller, I believe that providing honest feedback is important. I believe that buyers should not feel threatened by retaliatory feedback or poor service, so I provide feedback when payment is received. At that point, it is my responsibility as a seller to ensure you get the product you expect. If there is a problem with the purchase, I want the chance to honestly resolve it. Likewise, as a buyer, I will give every opportunity for a seller to resolve a problem.


I do a fair amount of buying on Ebay too. While I do not expect other sellers to adhere to the same guidelines that I do, I do hope that all sellers on Ebay develop and maintain their own code of ethics on Ebay. Most good sellers seem to - otherwise they'd lose business.