Personal Journal of Isa Wolfe

Ahroun of the Iron Rider Tribe

Played by Christina Merchant

Day 1 - I was summoned today. I don't like this - not knowing who is calling for me or why. Just a telegram telling me to come to Harlot in three days or all will be chaos. I'll go, of course - a warrior never shirks her duty or runs from a fight. Not when she's still drawing breath and able to crawl to her enemy. I just wish I knew who summoned me. Oh, well, I could use a few days in the desert anyway. It will feel good to run with the wind and howl with my brothers on the open land once more. Gaia's call must be obeyed - even when her messenger is unknown.

Day 2 - I'm not the only one who was called. I know he is not human, but is he one of The People? I am reluctant to approach him, but I must know what he knows. I think he notices me, but he shows no fear. He is riding, so I will follow on foot and become his shadow. A horse, especially one of such poor quality, is no match for a wolf's natural skills.

Day 3 - There are great forces at work. As I approached the stranger's camp, he sensed my presence and invited me to join him. As I suspected, he is one of The People. Another approached - a wolf; obviously a warrior. He was a greedy creature, devouring the traveler's supplies and leaving none for the rest of us. Finally, another appeared out of the night to join our strange band. The last one gives me chills. He walks a different path than I. His eyes make me think of the ones I have killed - I can almost hear their dying cries ringing in his ears. We will make an unusual party entering town together tomorrow.

Day 4 - We've finally arrived in Harlot. I have names for the faces in our uneasy pack: Sloan, the riding card player; Rory, the greedy wolf; and Henry, the loner. Sloan and I have reached an unspoken agreement; he's covering my expenses and I'll keep him alive. We checked into the boardinghouse as brother and sister. Henry is staying there as well, but Rory is happier outdoors. We found a saloon while exploring earlier. The bartender, Mike, knows what we are, but he is not one of us. He knows something about why we were drawn here, but will tell us nothing more than that we might find our answers in the foothills to the north. I grow weary of this riddle; if this is a trap I vow I will survive long enough to tear this bartender to shreds.

Mike was right. We journeyed to the mountains this evening at the appointed time and met two Uktena. I am torn by the charge they give us. I am an Iron Rider; to me the railroad is a gift that allows my passage to Gaia's sacred places. Here I am told that if I do not work to stop the railroad's expansion, a sacred caern will be destroyed. I am an Iron Rider, true, but first I am Garou. I will stop the railroad, with my life if necessary. The others share my pledge. We will act as a pack until our duty is discharged. Our tribal differences no longer matter - Gaia has called and we will answer!

Day 5 - This town is full of Garou! The Fianna here have forgotten the litany. They think we are foolish for helping the Uktena. Don't they realize that the loss of any caern hurts Gaia? There is a taint to this town that has colored the thinking of my brothers. They plot to take what is not rightfully theirs. The Weaver has spun my path: I have sworn to protect the caern for the Uktena. If that means fighting my own kind as well as the railroad, so be it.