Gaming Utilities

This is a collection of utilities I developed for gaming. As a computer programmer, I occasionally create some tool to help with some aspect of gaming. I am trying to make these tools robust enough to share with others. Anything provided here is free for non-commercial use. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Downloading and Running the Software

The gaming utilities collection is distributed as a Java JAR file, together with scripts to run specific utilities. As I get time, I may be able to integrate these into the Windows and Mac window systems a bit better, but no guarantees.

Download the ZIP file HERE. Unzip the zip file in a convenient place.

Within the Zip file, you will see scripts for running the tools. Use the appropriate script (.bat for Windows, .sh for Macs) to start up the tool you want to run. I will be adding more tools and scripts as I get the time.

Spelljammer System Maker and Orbital Display Tool

This tool allows you to design, save, and load Spelljammer planetary systems. You can create a variety of systems and planets. Since I wanted to be able to display planetary sidebars (like you see in the original SJ books), I created a utility to generate these images. Read through the User Guide for more information. For examples of the sidebar images, see the Gatespace cluster pages.