Campaign History

This is a record of the campaign, including significant elements that all players would know, even if they were not around (through stories or rumors).

Player Characters

NPCs of Significance

This is a list of NPCs that have appeared in more than one adventure in an adventuring role

Foes of the PCs

This is a list of significant opponents to the party, most of which are still around to cause problems...

Adventure 1: Cult Discovery

Simon, Pallas, T'rek, Brekke, and Galt are asked to investigate some troubles in Turnam, a city recently liberated in the War against Ossavia. Travelling northward, they encounter Methuven, who joins them. After some investigations in town, they meet Treddo, who offers to help with their investigations. They discover that there is a cult of assassins operating below the ruins of another evil temple, and proceed to investigate in typical fashion.

The main (human) priest of the temple is killed in addition to several other creatures. Two drow escape - one to a series of caverns below (leading to the Underdark), and the other (Shadow) escapes back to the surface. Shadow kills anyone who has more than a passing knowledge of him (including his girlfriend), steals Galt's heavy warhorse and leads the party on a chase (he abandons the warhorse later at an apparently-abandoned mansion in the woods.

Treddo leaves to return to Cuthia, while Brekke decides that the life of an adventuring mage is not for her.

Adventure 2: Secret School of Mages

Galt, Simon, Pallas, T'rek, (unknown) and Hrothgar are asked to investigate the appearance of orcs in the heart of the duchy of Horthen, many days travel from the Ossavian front. They are also made aware of a secret school for mages that is in the affected area, and told to make sure it doesn't fall into enemy hands (or liberate it if it did). On the way, T'rek decides to leave the party for some reason.

At the beginning of the adventure, the PCs were warned off by a large talking black cat.

Travelling north to Hortenburg, the PCs find the school seems to be where the orcs are coming from, and proceed to investigate. After killing a number of orcs, the players liberate Bengton (who joins the group), and discover that someone had created a gate through which orcs were arriving in the school. Most mages of the school had been killed. The PCs discover one enemy mage, who opens a gate to another plane of existence and flees (Galt pursues briefly, but realizes he's on another plane and gives up the chase, returning before the gate closes),

Adventure 3: Assault on Skavont

The war with Ossavia is not going well - a group of mages, armed with potent magical items, is aiding their magical might to the battlefields. The king asks Galt, Simon, Pallas, Hrothgar, and Bengton to intervene, entering Skavont (the capital of Ossavia), and eliminate the mages as a force. The king also recruits a second party to act as a backup group. Simon hires Sturm as a henchdwarf (and several other PCs also hire help). Finally, the party is to get the word out when the way is clear for a naval invasion of Skavont.

After travelling there, the party discovers the mages have created their abodes apparently from thin air. There are seven of them. One's abode, blazing with fire, appeared in a slum area and burnt a large section of it down. Others appeared in more discreet fashion.

The PCs first dealt with an illusionist, who kept them off-guard for a long time. The second to fall was a necromancer, who was in the Black quarter of Skavont. The third to fall was the pyromancer, who assaulted the PCs ship, burning it down (the backup party killed him). Lacking a ship (or a convenient place to hide), the parties joined forces for an assault on the fourth mage, a conjurer, who had a fortified keep on an island in the bay. At that point, the other mages (including Belgos Aullon) departed Skavont. The PCs had identified Belgos' walled keep and the central (assumed to be most powerful) mage's abode (a library arcane that they never entered), but the seventh still remains a mystery to this day. Each of the mages used a magestaff.

While the PCs were returning from eliminating the illusionist, Galt noticed a winged shape flying overhead. He flew to investigate (revealing that he could grow wings when needed), but wasn't heard from afterward.

Once the mages were eliminated, the party signalled the fleet. A number of flying galleons led the assault, complemented by a force of Throndheim dwarves invading from the land. The PCs took advantage of the chaos - Galt was discovered leading a bunch of arena slaves to freedom, Bengton found Distia and recruited her as an apprentice, and a few party members indulged in some opportunistic looting.

The emperor of Ossavia was killed, and Kelevantia established a new ruler in his place. The Kelevantian navy keeps control of the island fortress. This concluded the war with Ossavia

Adventure 4: Shadow Returns

While in Argellium one evening, Simon is ambushed by two rogues from the rooftops. Simon and Sturm return fire, aided by Bengton (and Distia, whose immunity to fire is shown rather dramatically when she is unaffected by a fireball). When the advantage of surprise is lost, oen of the attackers kills the other, then flees. The dead assailant has a notable tattoo of a skull over 4 wavy-bladed daggers. They also discover that the surviving attacker is none other than Shadow.

The party discovers through research (and the aid of Keilyn, who joins them for the adventure) that the tattoo is the symbol of the thieves guild of Malik (the capital of Cuthia), known as the Blades of Fear. They travel to Cuthia, and investigate.

On the way, Hrothgar gains his Portal Gem from an unusual encounter.

They discover various elements of the guild, and eliminate them (including burning down an inn that is adjacent to the duke's palace). They discover some evidence that the guild is linked to someone in the ducal palace, perhaps the duke himself. They also discover that the Blades of Fear is coordinated by a Mind Flayer (of all things).

During their investigations, Shadow had disguised himself as a vengeful half-orc, and aided the party in eradicating various elements of the Blades of Fear. When the party discovered his deception, he fled. The party later discovered he had a second alias as a merchant, and assaulted him in his shop. Shadow fled underground, pursued by Hrothgar and Bengton. Badly wounded, he managed to escape.

Adventure 5: Chaos in Fenorri

Something weird was happening in the neighboring principality of Fenorri. Weird chaos-effects were occuring in the northern part of their lands, warping the landscape and inhabitants in bizarre ways. Many were being driven insane. Fenorri asked Kelevantia for help, and the royalty asked the party's aid. Simon, Pallas, Dieb, Hrothgar, and Bengton travelled to Fenorri's capital town of Velton,then travelled northward to investigate.

The party investigated a number of outlying hamlets and towns that had been affected by the chaotic area. In one town, they met Illwin, who claimed to be an illusionist/fighter. He aided the PCs in foiling the plans of an insane priestess. However, when Pallas' wand of Enemy detection indicated that he was an enemy, the party (after MUCH arguing) threatened to cast a Know Alignment spell on him. Illwin, angered by this, left the group.

The PCs entered the chaos area, and discovered that they were vulnerable to both mental insanity and physical transformations (fortunately, this was a gradual effect). In the center of the chaos-effect was a large building (which kept changing shape). Entering, they discovered that the layout of the "castle" was continuously changing, and the interior rooms had no logical order to them. After finding five token keys, the party entered the final room, only to discover that an avatar of Ssendam (Slaadi lord of Insanity) was responsible. Fortunately, the PCs had a way to return Ssendam to Limbo. They also freed an Astral Deva and a Horned Devil from captivity; Prince Alturion disappeared with the Deva (who also cured any insanity and transformations suffered by the PCs), and the party was teleported back to Argellium.

Sturm and Calvar were killed in the adventure.

After the adventure, Simon returned to Throndheim for a while, and Pallas was asked to devote more time to the temple in preparation for her to be granted her own temple.

Adventure 6: Token Hunt

The discovery of a set of 17 tokens with unusual properties caused some commotion. The theft of them caused even more. The party was asked (among others) to recover the tokens. After some investigation, Hrothgar, Bengton, Zera-Im, Panthikles and Robert the Hunter discovered a means of locating the tokens. They recovered several in town, (including an attack on the psionic Syeliasi embassy personnel), then left to the east. One more was recovered in a temple to Janus (where it had accidentally been used to hold open a gate to Krynn), and another was recovered in Phydossa from a necromancer (after the party dealt with a number of vampires plaguing the city).

Returning to the city, the party discovered there was at least one token, probably several, underneath the city in an underground complex. The presence of demonic creatures had killed or wounded quite a few people, and the PCs entered the lair to destroy them. Queen Merilinia demonstrated some healing ability and ability to ward the demons when she aided the PCs. After a series of very difficult fights, the party slew the conjuress (at which point the big demon grabbed her body and returned to its own plane).

Bengton was killed in the fight. He was later raised, but discovered that he had lost part of himself to the Magestaff.

At the beginning of the adventure, the PCs encountered Stiboda, who asked them about the whereabouts of the missing prince. He then tried to poison the group and escaped. Stiboda revealed he was a part of the Black Dagger cult of Mortkethel.

Adventure 7: The Cuthian Rebellion

The Duchy of Cuthia drives out the small Kelevantian garrison, and fortifies the southern passes into the duchy. The Cuthians begin building defenses in the hopes of lasting until the winter snows make travels through the passes difficult. They also send raiders (orcs, mostly) into Horthen (the duchy immediately south) to raid and pillage. The king summons forces from the other dukes, and rallies to quell the rebellion.

The Cuthians sequester their major force on the north side of a range of hills. The passage into this area is through three passes. The king (and the Cuthian Duke) both split their force to cover all three passes, and go to war. However, the Duke of Movaris, leading the western contingent, is assassinated, and evidence suggests the Black Dagger cult of Morkethel is involved. Several other senior leaders are also assassinated, and the leadership of the western force is unclear, and the PCs are asked to help investigate the assassination.

On the way to the battle, the PCs deal with a traitorous Count who is aware of their favored status with the royalty. They also encounter Inaquel, who is posing as a merchant supplying the troops, but turns out to be a senior member of the Black Dagger cult. They foil her plot, but she escapes on a Nightmare.

The PCs help the demoralized western forces to repel a serious push by the Cuthian forces, though several units are decimated. Afterward, the assassinations continue, and the PCs struggle to find the assassin while working within an active military command. Finally, they uncover the assassin to be Lord Argoran, who turns out to be a member of the Black Dagger cult. They give command of the unit to the senior battlepriestess of Athena.

Following Argoran's death, Inaquel conducts a magical ritual. She turns him into an advanced form of Shadow, who is now seeking vengeance - particularly on Robert the Hunter, who killed him and now wields his sword "Fang".

Also, the Eastern pass is blocked by a mysterious walled keep which appears suddenly in the middle of the pass. The PCs are asked to investigate this, which they immediately recognize as Belgos Aullon's mage-keep. After a couple of inconclusive sorties, the PCs kill Noryltar, another mage-staff wielder. They discover that Belgos Aullon was hired by a group of gnomes (which lived in the Eastern pass) to protect them from both forces. After negotiating with both Belgos Aullon and the gnomes, an agreement allowing the Kelevantian forces passage is reached.

Prince Alturion returns. He had disguised himself as a simple stableboy, but Hrothgar sees through his disguise. Once revealed, Alturion takes command of the Western forces.

When the army pushes through the eastern Cuthian army, it turns into a rout. The Cuthians had drawn most of their force away from the eastern pass, expecting that nothing would get through. With a sizable Kelevantian force on the north side of the passes, Cuthia capitulates. A force of Scro (space orcs from Wildspace) are discovered among the Cuthian forces, as well as a concealed Scorpion Ship.

Adventure 8: