The byrni are a beautiful race of humanoids. They are native to the volcanic moon Vostyl in Gatespace, though they have spread to other worlds, dwelling in volcanic areas. They are sociable, and gladly visit and interact with humans and other races.


Physical Description



Byrni Lands

The byrni are the dominant race of Vostyl. They dwell in small communities across the surface of Vostyl, settling where they can find good resources. On other worlds, the byrni usually also dwell near volcanic areas, taking advantage of their resistance to heat. The byrni



Byrni Names


Byrni Racial Traits

Byrni wear little clothing, because little would be able to withstand the intense heat that they frequently dwell in. They are also proud of their appearance, and are fond of gems that they may adorn themselves with. Byrni have reddish-orange skin and golden yellow hair.

Combat: Byrni are frequently warriors, and are dangerous antagonists. They have a natural ability to use a burning hands spell each round. They also frequently use something they call the lava-sling, which is shaped similar to a ladle. In combat, a byrni may scoop a load of lava and hurl it at an enemy. This attack will do 3-18 point of damage, and the lava will set objects afire. It will do 2-12 in the next round and 1-6 in the third round before cooling enough not to cause severe damage.

Byrni frequently train as warriors, and have strength scores of 15-18. They may also train as mages or priests. A rare byrni will learn some roguish talents as a scout, but thieves are very rare to this race that will burn many things of value just with a touch.

Habitat/Society: Because of the byrni's lack of need for a large amount of food, they have spent time in other pursuits. Byrni have learned to work molten rocks and ores in a variety of means for a number of different tasks

Since stable areas on Vostyl are few, many byrni travel. They have made boats of metal, which contain air inside the hull for buoyancy. These boats are able to withstand the heat of most lava flows (although the metal glows red-hot), and the heated air adds lift to the boats. Most of the river craft are small, using paddles and oars.

The few areas of Vostyl that are stable form small nations, about the size of city-states. The byrni in these areas have learned to build incredible stone/ore structures. The metal is ribboned thruout the stone, rather than in discrete chunks, lending a resilience to their structures. The architectural styles vary between nations, and occasionally an entire town changes its building style over a period of a few weeks.

Ecology: The byrni, like most creatures on Vostyl, possess a metabolic process which makes food less of a necessity. However, the animals have a heightened territorial instinct, so most byrni travel with some form of weapon.

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