Kantor is a standard earth like world, though young in its development. It is a world strong in magic, religion, and culture. It has several continents, which have little contact with each other. These include Ketralyn and Vrylithlyn. It is inhabited by several major races. The underground in this world is fairly elaborate from early volcanic and tectonic action.

Races of Kantor

The following races exist on Kantor, and are suitable for use as PCs. They can be any alignment unless noted.


One of the main above-ground races. Pretty much what most of us are.


This world contains most of the known elven races. One exception is that no Drow are know to exist on the world. There is also a distinction between sea elves and aquatic elves. Aquatic elves live underwater most all the time, while the sea elves are a seafaring race related to the aquatic elves.

Even more so than on other worlds, elves think of the other races as inferior to themselves. They get along with rovers better than any other race, and half-elves the least. They see half-elves as an abomination to the great elven race.


For the most part, dwarves on Kantor are the same as dwarves in general. The main difference is that here, they have a very intense rivalry with the Shantair. This rivalry is heated, but not violent. They will come together quickly if the underground is threatened in a hostile manner.


The gnomes in this world are extremely reclusive. They deal exclusively with the dwarves and Shantair, and rarely come above ground. They are noted illusionists, and will do everything in their power to keep any intruders from their domain.

It is well known that they are currently having problems with another underground race called the Queh'mi. These little creatures are the cousins of the Exprey, and deadly foes noted for their poison use.


On Kantor, this race is thought of as a lesser type of being. They are thought little of in a lot of places and by both humans and elves. Because of this, a separate culture has developed for them. They have their own country on a large island just off the west coast of Vrylithlyn. This island is surrounded by reefs making it hard to access by boat.

Human-elf marriages are known, but are looked down on, a lot like interracial marriages in the 60's.

On Vrylithlyn, Half elves came about in large part after a war that lasted 150 years between Shannolti and Sytheya. This war happened about 1500 years ago. Female elves were captured for concubines, and many were raped. The elves did the same, but to a lesser extent. Obviously, there is bad blood between Shannolti and the elves.


They are a troll-like race of beings that are very intense in achieving their goals. Physically they are about 5.5 feet tall, with greenish skin, pronounced noses, and thick black hair. When wounded, they do regenerate 1 hp per hour, and have been known to regenerate lost appendages.

They are now split into two types:

The rovers are pacifist that have a deep burning desire for doing three things. That is wandering, creating music, and tinkering with mechanical devices. They live in large interesting wagons that they are always tinkering with. They are considered the best clock makers in kantor, and create some of the most interesting and wonderful music ever heard. They will only fight as a last resort and usually then only to defend their family. However, their song seems to contain quite a bit of magic. (It is also rumored that their mechanical devices do also) They go no + or - to their attributes.
They will not be any fighter class, and make natural thieves and bards. Some have been known to temper their anti-war enough to be adventures, but always keep their pacifism for the most part.
Any PC will be Chaotic good.
For the most part, the tribe names are picturesque names. Most contain references to music and nature. All have a banner that each "tribe" carries that sets the colors for the tribe. The tribe will then wear these colors in almost all their clothes. In a gathering, there will be thousands of colors everywhere, but you can always tell what tribe people belong to.
The main body that lives underground. They are excellent miners, blacksmiths, and weaponsmiths. They are strong competitors of the dwarves. Any pc will be lawful.


A halfling-type race that is completely bald and very black. They live in trees and for the most part are agoraphobic. They have a counterpart that lives underground that is extremely evil, and are in a constant state of war with. This foe is called the Queh'mi. Any pc must be of a good alignment.


There are currently two main groups of deities - The elders, and a newer younger group of gods. There is also another more obscure group that worship a group of beings known as the "Walkers". Supposedly, these beings rove the heavens, tending the many worlds, and fertilizing new ones. For the most part, this group is ignored by most. A strong band of druids, however have established strong roots in this religion.

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