Roshan the Mighty

Roshan was the child of the chief of a pride of wemics, and showed promise as a warrior at an early age. In fact, he quickly became the dominant leader of the youngsters in the pride due to both his great strength and leadership abilities. Roshan was eager for a chance to prove himself. His rashness and overconfidence won him praise, but also warnings. The tribe did not want Roshan to succumb to overbearing pride. Roshan needed to be taught a lesson.

The pride chief, with the advice from the shamans of the tribe, sent Roshan to go into the world of humans, and learn. He was to bring knowledge of the humans' ways to the pride; his people needed to understand humans. Roshan leapt at the chance for such a quest.

Roshan had overestimated his abilities. Entering a nearby village (A huge pen of humanity - how could they be free?), he immediately ran into problems when he killed and ate one of the animals the humans had (a cow?). He did not understand - animals such as they were food, and he did leave some for the humans to eat.

Roshan then left for another town; he made sure to eat before entering the town - perhaps he had angered the spirits. This town was even bigger than the last. He wandered thruout the day, and noticed the humans gave him the respect he deserved [they were actually afraid of him]. Many of the humans seemed concerned with little yellow metal pieces. Roshan saw that humans had to give these pieces to other humans to get food - what a silly idea. But Roshan had to learn human ways, so he needed some little yellow money.

The first human he asked for money gave it to him quickly - obviously happy to comply. Roshan asked for another humans' money, and this human was pleased to share some of his too. He even ran off to help get more money for Roshan - showing the generosity of the humans!

Roshan looked at this yellow money. Gold, the humans called it. Roshan went to a place that took money for food and gave the human some money for food. The food was horrible, but Roshan tried some anyway. The meat was burnt!

After Roshan ate, he went back out into the street. A whole bunch of humans, obviously another pride of them (they were all wearing shiny armor with the same colors on them) came running toward him. Roshan did not want to get caught in this human stampede, so he ran. The humans followed him and one called up the spirits to bind Roshan and make him unable to run. Roshan was very afraid - the humans could call spirits to their aid!

Translation: in the second town, Roshan asked two humans for money, which they promptly gave him out of fear. The second one ran off to get the watch. The watch, bolstered by a mage or priest, chased him and cast a Hold on him.

Roshan had made the humans mad at him. He found out that humans did not want to give away their gold. How strange - the first humans gave him some! But the chief of humans told Roshan that he would not punish him if Roshan did a deed for him. Roshan would be with humans and other people. They could teach him about humans.

Role-playing notes: Roshan is afraid of magical effects, particularly those he can see or feel. He is very curious about human customs, but still thinks in terms of the pride of wemics - the strongest gets first pick of the food. He is specialized in the spear, and an adept hunter. He is also very curious, but proud of his own abilities (and a bit arrogant).

Roshan thinks that humans are strange, but is eager to learn so that he can prove himself worthy of the tribal elders. He is naive about human customs, and could easily be bilked by unscrupulous people (including PCs). He also would regard spellcasters with a mixture of awe and fear, and might try to look in a mage's spell-component pouch for "captive spirits". Of course, he does get tired of people running from him - he won't eat them (but might chase them for fun). He might try imitating a PC's actions because he's trying to "learn everything".

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