Karang (Mist) of Kalak

created and played by Alan Rexroth

Strength: 18/57 Race: Ogre Mage HP: 22
Intelligence: 16 Class: Fighter/Mage AC: 6
Wisdom: 11 Level: 1/1 THACO: 18
Dexterity: 14 Align: Neutral Good Exp: 5000
Constitution: 16 Deity: Poseidon Height: 10' 3"
Charisma: 11 Age: 24 Weight: 823
Proficiencies, Weapon:
Katana, Shuriken, Bo Stick, Naginata
Proficiencies, non-Weapon:
Read/Write, Spellcraft , Weaponsmith, Artistic Ability, Blacksmith, Calligraphy
Bo Stick, 5 Shuriken Spikes, Katana, Naginata, 5 Shuriken Stars (large)
High soft boots, Trousers (cotton), Belt
5 torches, Blanket, Backpack, 10 sheets of writing paper, Waterproof tube, Brush and ink, 15 small pouches, 3 large pouches, 7 rations, coin purse, Spell scroll in waterproof tube
Read Magic, Detect Magic, Water Protection, Comprehend Languages, Accuracy, Magic Missile, Fiery Eyes

Karang's History

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